Taking your eyes off the road!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by horizonchaser, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. horizonchaser

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    I just wanted to let everyone know that on this weekend ride ( today actually) with our group one of our friends, a very capable & competent rider, went off the road and his beautiful customized bike ended up down a jagged embankment and into a stream in the blink of an eye! We were stunned with what we just witness! When I asked him just what happened he said he took his eyes off the road for "just a second" and before he knew it he was in the soft shoulder of the road and lost control of the bike. If I learned anything from this experience it is that no matter how comfortable and routine the ride appears in the moment, anything can happen. Please everyone, stay focused for your own safety! Thank God he was able to walk away from this. It could have been ugly. Really ugly!
  2. glider

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    Glad your bud walked away. It's really important to pay attention not only to where you're going but the other guy as well.
  3. wilks3

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    Glad he's ok! Just like he said "...in the blink of an eye". Especially nowadays with everybody texting,talking,gawking,eatin' and puttin' make-up on while driving!
  4. horizonchaser

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    Boy you got that right Glider! These group rides demand concentration and focus!
  5. dbmg

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    Glad to hear things worked out for the best in a bad situation. One thing to add is to LOOK where you want to go. Sometimes when out of shape riding, you enviably look where you do not want go and end up there. This is a very hard thing to beat. I will say with continued practice it can be done. Can not tell you how many times over the years the end result would have been very unfavorable had I not learn this.
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  6. oppirs

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    You named it... So fast, it's scary. I hate soft shoulders. Hope your friend was ok!
  7. Aerodawg

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    Glad your buddy is ok!! I have noticed that too and almost have done the same thing, I now try to keep my thoughts on the road when Im riding and not thinking about work etc...
  8. fin_676

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    Glad to hear that your friend is ok
    Maintaining 100% concentration on your riding is tiring and at times it is easy to loose a wee bit of the concentration that is when errors occur sometimes an error will be just to drift across the road others can be more serious
    if you do start to loose concentration take a break

  9. R_W_B

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    So glad he wasn't hurt bad, and hope the insurance will restore the bike. Thanks for reminding us of something important. The only time I ever went down was when my headlight bracket broke (while riding about 35 mph) on my old Triumph Bob job.

    It caught me by surprise and I'm looking at it trying to figure what happened, next thing I know a lady had stopped dead in front of me waiting to turn. I immediately hit the back brake and laid her sideways cause I didn't want to bend my forks and go over her top.

    But I never forgot that. Eyes on the road, probably the most important thing after a pre-ride inspection.
  10. charleyhorse

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    Glad your friend was OK. Mind was not. Last w/e 3 of my friends went to pick up her new hd trike. Onthe way back the new owner of the trike wanted her friend to ride it home which is another lady very good rider. She took her eyes off the road for a second, ran off road, was headed for some trees and jumped off the bike, broke ankles and will not be able to ride for at least a year

    The owner or the bike is the wife of the the biker that was killed last month that I posted on here. Needless to say this is bad for both parties.