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Discussion in 'Oil' started by saintNH, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. saintNH

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    I just did all my fluids for the start of the season and used m1 in the motor and syn3 in the primary and trans. Now after reading all of the comments on this thread I'm concerned that I should do the primary and trans over again to get rid of the syn3. Opinions? I'm sure it would be fine to run it until the next change, but should i?
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    Re: Trans Oil Poll

    While it may not be necessary, you will notice a difference if you do especially if you put the Spectro in the trans. :)
  3. dbmg

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    If you want a quieter, smoother shifting, more enjoyable ride then, chalk it up to experience and change the primary and trans to Spectro or Redline....
  4. Ishmael

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    Emphasis on Spectro or another quality synthetic gear oil in the trans. I'm impressed every time I shift at the change, smooth and quiet.
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    x 2 :s
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    Most definitely
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    Just this past weekend I switched the Syn 3 that came in my bike's tranny to the Spectro Platinum.
    It wasn't time yet, but I hated that the Syn 3 was in there KNOWING something better could be in its place.

    HUGE difference and definitely worth the $20 or less you'll spend on the quart of Spectro.

    DO IT!!
  8. IBA Harley

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    I don't think you need to run out and drain it and replace it early. However, I do strongly believe in Redline products. To each their own; however, I wouldn't just drain it and throw the Syn3 away. One maintainence cycle with Syn3 won't hurt you at all. Ride it and enjoy!!

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    I like the Redline Products as I have had Many HD's over the years and Never any Lubrication problems using their fine products... The thing I believe about the HD syn 3 is It was designed for the all three Holes... BUT Not in My book.. You Can't take a Engine oil OIL and call it a GEAR OIL.. that being my Pet Peeve here...

    I have used Shockproof Heavy in my tyrannies from first on.. NEVER EVER ANY METAL on the magnetic drain plug NEVER......

    That in it's self tells me that the GEAR OIL is working... And the added Shockproof is cushioning Gear to Gear and NO wear on them...

    I have had a person Buy a new bike, the 08 RG and call me after he bought it and ready to take it back to get his Old bike back.. Saying the Tyranny Makes Terrible Noise....

    I gave him a Quart of Redline Shockproof Heavy as He Scoffed the Idea....

    An Hour later He called and Thanked me for the Gear oil.. The NOISE was GONE.... Not just less BUT GONE...

    He found out later that the HD used SYN# in all three holes... I believe he replaced with Amsoil in the engine and the primary but KEPT using the Redline Shockproof Heavy...

    Many here Debate the oil and some will say that Nothing Wrong with syn3 ,,,but USING IT is not good in MY BOOK...

    Even Glider will suggest Not in the Primary or Tyranny as syn3 is Not Made for that Regardless of HD's stated use..

    Even HD backed-off using it in all three holes...... There are MANY other GOOD lubes and gear oils Better for the Job..

    I WOULD NOT leave SYN3 in the Primary OR Especially the TYRANNY.. DRAIN IT OUT.....

    If you want to go with a HD product in the Primary use Formal+

    In the Tyranny use Redline or Spectro NO SYN3....

  10. ultra...good

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    Theres a guy on here that just turned 100k on his ultra using h/d syn oil in all three holes, all original motor and trans. I think that says more then enough about the quality of the oil. Some oils [may] be better then others, its just a personal choice for you to make. Truth of the matter is, as long as you change the oil regularly, it really doesn't make too much of a difference which oil you are using.