SW Ontario Canada to Anchorage Alaska

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    Hello, My farther and I are taking a trip of a lifetime. We plan to leave the end of June and return the end of Aug. I ride a 91 Heritage Softail and my father rides a 2002 Triumph Tiger. Can anyone tell us of a must see atraction along the way? We do plan on stopping in Sturgis on the way home for bike week. I can't wait. If anyone else is heading to Alaska this summer, please let me know.
    We plan on camping most of the time(depends on the rain gods) to save $
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    I suggest you go thru Mich. then across the #2 Hwy. in the U.S.A. Everything is cheaper in the States, gas, motels, parts. I travelled that way from Calgary to Toronto and back last year and I had a great time. Big bonus is no helmet law in all the northern states except Mich. Then head north thru Alberta at the B.C. border, nothing prettier then the Rocky Mountains. Good Luck.
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    Do the Dempster if you have time, from Dawson to Inuvik, perfect time of year for it as well.

    Skagway is a real tourist trap, but nice day trip from Whitehorse.

    Liard River Hot Springs is worth going to.

    I'll agree with Animal, going through the States is better.

    Don't forget to pack a Jerry can with a couple of gallons of fuel, gas stations
    can be sparse out there. Some spare parts as well :)

    Done the trip with an RV, would love to do it on a bike someday, enjoy
    and dont forget to post pics !!
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    Thanks Animal for the reply, a few people have told us the roads and scenery are much better through the states then the long road of the provinces. I do agree trailering a bike is a sickness.

    Thanks Martin 14, I've made a copy of your sugestions, We'll put them on the list! And yes we're taking our jerry cans! Thanks again
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    I did a run up to Alaska and the Yukon last summer on my Heritage. I highly recommend heading north from Whitehorse to Dawson and then catching the Top of the World Highway over to Chicken, Alaska and onto Tok. Don't be deceived by the term "Highway" it is mostly dirt from Dawson to Chicken at which point you'll hit pavement. From Tok, you can head west to Fairbanks and then south to Anchorage. The road from Fairbanks to Anchorage is spectacular. I'm not sure I'd recommend riding the Dempster on a Heritage. There is a gap of almost 400km with no services and most of it is gravel.

    Image from Kluane National Park in the Yukon