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    Being new to biking in '09, my first bike was an '09 FXSTC. I wound up putting on new pipes and bought a super tuner. I had no idea that it was VIN specific. I traded that bike in for a 2012 FLHTK. I'm going to upgrade to V&H slip-ons for better sound and, of course, can't use the super tuner to re-map. When I traded up, I had the dealer take off all of the accessories I had put on (about $4,000 worth) and put it back to stock hoping to sell my accessories and get a little return. It amazes me that the tuner is VIN specific, essentially a worthless piece of junk now. Live and learn!
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    Dobeck Test Evaluations. - Harley Davidson Community this may help you decide
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    I can attest to the above. I just had a Dobeck installed about a month ago. The bike runs & sounds noticeably better. I have been told that by those who ride with me. They can hear the difference, and I can feel the difference. I have had a decrease in MPG's which I need to look into next Spring. I can live with it the way it is now but I am pretty sure that the folks at Dobeck will help me adjust the settings for optimum fuel performance.
    Before the tuner I used to get wicked decell popping. Now I don't get it anymore. That, in and of itself, was worth the investment to me. With the HDTimeline forum discount it won't break the bank either. Consider it.