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    A little over a week ago I asked for opinions regarding the Harley Super Tunner, as I was told by my local dealer that I had to buy one and pay for a dyno as I had upgraded my exhaust and air intake. I was pleased to get several responses suggesting that I get myself a TFI unit and save a lot of $$$$. Well I managed to get one and did the hook up myself. I set the pots according to the instructions based on the upgrades I had made. The problem I now have and maybe someone can advise a quick fix as it makes no mention in the trouble shooting area. I am getting a lot of backfire and popping through the exhaust when backing off the throttle to either change gears or when downshifting. Anyone have any suggestions. I have little doubt that it is likely in the settings, but obviously I have not got it right.

    2006 Electra Glide Classic
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    try adjusting the #4 pots some and you might have to richen the green some .. since # set the transistion from green pot to the red when backing off ya get a pop sometimes so i would try it first
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    Aside from the suggested settings that a bit on the rich side, I see you upgraded your exhaust which will account for some additional popping out the exhaust over the stock mufflers. This cannot be completely eliminated with the low restriction mufflers with lower backpressure but you can lower the #2 pot a bit which is the accelerator pot with little difference in performance and also check for any leaks in the exhaust too which will cause the popping too.

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