super glide or sportster xr1200x

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by horatio, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. horatio

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    They seem a whole lot different to me, but I have narrowed my choice to the two. Which do you think is better for me?

    I would like to take some trips of about 300 miles once a month. I mostly want a commuter bike though. I havent ridden a motorcycle in about 20 years.
    I will be taking the motorcycle safety course.

    I am six foot tall. Are both bikes adequate for my height? I like the way the xr1200 looks more. I like that it sits higher. The super glide seems like it would be better to take trips on.

    What thoughts?
  2. whacko

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    I have a 2010 super glide and commute on it about 3 days a week......about 120 miles round trip for my commute so it is great on the highway. I have had it exactly a year and have over 12k on the clock so I have plenty of time in the saddle on it to let you know how it is. I am also 6 feet tall and have no problem with comfort. I did put a sundowner touring seat on it though. I also take some long trips on it ......road from massachusetts to DC for rolling thunder a few weeks ago.......500 miles one way on that run and I was comfortable enough. The biggest benefit I can see going with the superglide over the 1200x is that you can take a passenger form time to time and they will be comfortable. My wife likes to ride with me in the evenings some times.....going out for dinner and and an occasional ride to the beach. The 1200x would probably be a pain for a passenger. I do like the looks of that 1200x though......would be my first choice for having a second bike in the barn for a hoot every now and then!
  3. glider

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    Super glide hands down. Many buy a sportster and only end up upgrading to the Super glide or something equivalent shortly after. Much more comfort on the superglide and a much better ride IMO.
  4. Dswartz

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    It is all a matter of opinion but I would definately tell you to get a Superglide. I own a Superglide myself and my next door neighbor rides an '09 1200 custom. I have had the chance to ride his bike a couple of times and in my opinion there is really no comparison. The 1200 is ok, but after a few miles I was already bored with it and ready to get back on my bike. Sportsters are good starter bikes but like Glider said most move up to the big twin. The sporty is also quite a bit smaller than the Dyna. I'm about 6 foot as well and although I can ride the sporty without feeling cramped I am much more comfortable on my Dyna.
  5. glgarrett

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    Superglide. Got mine at age 65 and its the best bike I have ever owned, especially comfortable commuting for which the Sportster is not designed. :bigsmiley11:
  6. doctordoug

    doctordoug Account Removed

    I would buy a Superglide and a 48. I have a Deluxe and I want to add a 48. That would complete my needs. A Deluxe, a Streetfighter and a 48. Can't ask for more than that, the bases are covered!
  7. Merlynn

    Merlynn Active Member

    Superglide. I had a sportster, great bike but not the same as the rest of the Harley line up. You'll outgrow it in 6 to 10 months. I did. Went to Road King and now an Ultra!
  8. cyborg

    cyborg Active Member

    Super Glide all the way, you`ll be glad you did.
  9. cromwell

    cromwell Active Member

    It all depends on what you plan to do. I purchased an 09 Sportster XL1200C and will not be go be upgrading as some suggest. I am 5'8 and found that the dual tank bikes were uncomfortable as they seemed to make me feel like I was riding a cow. Now the only down side I have is when I am out crusing with the big twins I have to stop more often for fuel. So I am currently looking for a fuel tank that will give me an addition gallon but wont widen the bike. I do a daily commute to work which is about 40 mile round trip and then I usually do a few hundred mile trip around the island exploring. I am currently planning my European trip for to the Hog Rally in 2012. Will say if you are planning to do alot of 2 up than I would suggest the Super Glide also since you are 6' the sportster may make you feel cramped. I say hit one of the Harley dealers and rent each model for the weekend and see which one fits your riding style the best. Good luck with your choice.

  10. JPHarley

    JPHarley Active Member

    Go with the Super Glide..I too stared with a Sportster..during my 1000 service at the stealer I found the bike I ride today.