super glide II or sport glide?

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by Musky, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Musky

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    I have a 1984 FXRT. The chrome air shield says Super Glide II, but after reading some info on this forum, sounds like she may be called a sport glide. She was "laid down" by the previous owner. Think its just a replacement from a diff bike?

    In any case, can I get a new sticker for the sheild? mine is very faded.
  2. e7171

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    I also have an 84 FXRT. It has the Super Glide II on the Air Cleaner. 84 was a transition year for the FXRT. I also have an 83 FXRT (shovel). 84 was a transition year for the FXRT. Some early 84s were shovels or Evos but the later ones were all Evos. The Air cleaner came in three flavors. The shovels were rectangular with the 80 Cubic Inch logo on them, the Evos were round with either the 80 Cubic Inch logo or the SuperGlide II logo. Mine is also faded I haven't really looked for a new one though. BTW I got tired of the spitting Kehin on my 84 and went to an S&S Super E. That bike never ran so good...Big Improvement!!! Of course I could not use the original air cleaner. Just put it away in the spare parts bin. Hope this helps some.
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    have the dealer do a VIN search