Suggestions for bags and other things: 05 Sportster 1200

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by gdcpony, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Well, after 500miles on it in the last week, I love the bike. Sure beats the old 77 XS650 it replaced. It isn't as quick in the corners, but cruising is so much nicer on it. That said I am always looking for things to tinker with so here are my questions.

    1. Bags. I can't afford the HD bags (right now) and was wondering what others were running. I was looking at the Tourmaster II and III series (probably stay leather though for looks) and was wondering about fit and looks with them. I would use the largest size I could fit on. I have a budget (at least for the first set), but any suggestions would be appreciated. Preferable easy to get off as I don't want them on all the time.

    2. Gas tanks. Depending on the site I see I either have a 2.9 or a 3.2gal tank. It is narrow and I was wondering about a bigger (maybe 5gal?) option in the future.

    3. Suspension. I know it is not a sport bike, but I am sure there are improvements that can be made there to make it more fun in the corners. I am also bottoming out allot riding 2-up with the wifey so I was wondering about taller rears with stiffer springs as well as any mods you guys may have done to improve the handling.

    As I said I love my Sporty, but it will soon be my only toy (truck must go due to military orders) aside from my shooting. Need some games to play with it! Thanks in advance.

    Oh and how do you all carry your rifles on them? I had my bow on today going to the range and can just imagine what would happen if I strapped my AR on the back! Just wondering shooting and riding are my two favorite things to do (not at the same time).
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    Bags - check Ebay for some really good deals if you're more concerned with price than quality.

    Shocks - I put Progressive rear shocks on my '07 Sporty and loved them.
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    Thanks. Been looking, but don't know which will fit with the signal where it is and such.
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    The shocks are adjustable, you should adjust them to the stiff, least travel position for 2 up riding, I believe it will be the 5th indention, if memory serves me correctly. Also check tire pressure, need to run 40psi in rear for 2 up, 30 in front.

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    Sounds like the tank you have is the "peanut" style 3.3 gallon capacity. The larger tank is 4.5 gallon cap. Wider and bit lower profile. You might have to change the seat if you decide to go with larger tank.
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