Sugar Land to Key West

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by Gas Gauge, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Gas Gauge

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    O.K. guy's and gal's my brother and I are scheduled to leave Sugar Land, TX tomorrow morning for Key West, FL. We will be hugging the Gulf Coast the whole way instead of flying down I-10. This will require taking 4 ferries.

    Our first stop will be the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, then on to New Orleans, LA, Panama City, FL, Lakeland FL (where we will pick-up our uncle), Miami, FL, then wake up in the morning to bask in the glory of the sunrise as we cross the land bridge down to Key West.

    The weather forecast is calling for heavy rain all day today and tomorrow morning. At the beginning of the week, Friday was supposed to be clear, cool and sunny. I'm praying the rain ends today, and we get off to a great start, any prayer warriors out there can join me if you want!

    I am making sure I have this photo posting thing down so we can share our adventure with you. Here is a picture of my bike I took in the garage last night, I expect it to look a little more loaded down by this time tomorrow.
  2. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    Ride safe and hope the rain stays away from you. Wish I was there, I need a good ride. I should be able to get out for a few hous today.
  3. BuffaloBill

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    Good Morning Gas Guage
    We will be praying for a Safe trip for you and your brother I also live in Sugar Land and plan to do this trip next year when I retire (have family in West Palm and Miami)

    Please take good notes of your travels as I am most interested:s

    Godd luck and ride Safe
  4. SoonerSoftail

    SoonerSoftail Active Member

    I wish you a great trip. I we love Key West. Usually go every year but life keeps happening and has kept us away for a couple of years.
  5. queen

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    This is Gas Gauges Old Lady wishing him and brother Rick a safe and fun trip.
  6. Gas Gauge

    Gas Gauge Junior Member

    Well, leaving work, still raining, oh, well! This trip has been 30 years in the making, ain't nothing going to spoil it, what's a little stinging rain?

    Thanks kemo, BuffaloBill, SoonerSoftail, Jayson459. Next post will be from NOLA tomorrow evening. Hey Redfish Joe, I still got your number and will try to give you a shout when I get near Slidell!
  7. Rome

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    This is Gas Gauge's uncle in Lakeland, Fl. praying that you and Rick stay safe, dry and hope you have weather like we are having here in Florida for starting out tomorrow. I love you guys and I am looking forward to seeing you both this Sunday.
  8. glider

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    WOW, we have the whole family here.:D Have a great trip GG

    Next we're going to see your dog "SPOT" log in too:lolrolling

    "Hi, this is SPOT, where's my Purina?:lolrolling
  9. mrglide

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    The weather in South Florida has been great lately. It seems you will just miss Fantasy Fest in Key West, but the motel rooms will be much cheaper!

    Ride safe. :cheers
  10. badbird

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    Be careful with your bike if you stay a night along the Mississippi gulf coast. There were about 4 bike stolen during the MS HOG rally a few weeks ago. According to the local cops it was a normal week. Seems the interstate motels in that area are a shopping lot for bike thieves.