Stupid shifting question

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kzoo, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. kzoo

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    It is getting colder here in the mornings in Michigan. I have noticed the last few days that the bike runs and shifts normally first thing in the morning after a warm up long enough for me to gear up.

    For the last couple of days, I have had to make a short run after the 30 minute commute. The run is only about a mile. All seems well. After parking for almost 4 hours, the bike is hard to shift at first. The shift lever does not feel like it is returning fully to allow for the next shift. After a couple of shifts to get it to work, it seems to be fine! I am running Redline Heavy gear oil.

    This morning, got on rode about 6-7 miles to an appointment, came out an hour later, all is well. Do I just need to let it warm up a bit>? The linkage all looks fine and tight.
  2. R_W_B

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    I assume the clutch adjustment has been checked ?

    Bubby (Mr. Redline Shockproof), you live where it's cold, you wanna respond to this one ?
  3. kzoo

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    Haven't checked the clutch since the cold, however it was fine at 10k service and I just turned 12k

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    How COLD is cold?

    I have never felt it a problem in my (comparable to your bike) using redline Heavy in the cold months.. I seldom ride in below 35* weather..BUT have and no problem to me..

    IF you think it to be the redline, an EASY way to check that is to put in another Lighter tranny lube.... Shockproof Does come in a lighter weight called just that "Light"

    Here is a link,,, Let us Know what this does for your ride.. :D

    Red Line Synthetic Oil - ShockProof® Gear Oils - Lightweight ShockProof®

  5. dangerdan

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    Check the shifter arm. It should be tight.
  6. kzoo

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    I will pull the shifter itself off and see if there is anywhere to lube it. I do get wet often, so I guess it is possible that water and dirt have worked in.
  7. glider

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    That is exactly the reason that I went from using Redline to using Spectro trans oil. In cold weather, it was very difficult to shift because of the viscosity of the Redline oil. The Spectro shifted MUCH easier right from the start in cold temps. That swayed me into using Spectro from that time on and the shifting is better too.
    When I ran Redline, it would take a mile or two until I got the temps in the trans up a bit before it would shift right.

    When I switched to Spectro in the same bike, never had the problem again.
  8. Breeze3at

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    I believe the assembly is like a touring model. The shift levers attach to a shaft that goes through a brace with the arm/linkage to the trans on the other side. Water and dirt can get in the pivot point and cause friction. I pulled my levers off and the shaft slid back far enough to get some grease on. Mark everything with a sharpie so you get it back right the first time.
  9. mc2

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    Not a stupid question! Weird things and scenarios happen.

    Regarding this shifting matter:
    Anybody had to replace the bushing for the shift shaft (from the toe shifter to the linkage to tranny)? After 24 k on the 08 FB it is getting sloppy.
    I have looked through the service manual for this part, but do not find it. Is it there and I just get mezmerized! paging through the manual, or did they leave this part out??
    For any and all who page through the manual, I thank you!
  10. kzoo

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    Thanks for the help all. I am seriously considering changing from Redline in the future. In the meantime, I pulled the levers and was able to get some spray grease in there. We will see, but it shifted as normal this morning.

    I do like the protection of the redline heavy, but in the cold mornings I wonder if it is even liquid!!!