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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by theteacher, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Here goes.....why does Harley say to change the inner tube every time you install a new tire? Just can't figure out why? Does the rubber lose it's ability to hold air after 10K miles? Is it rubbing on something I can't figure out? Is it a marketing ploy to get another $31.00 out of your pocket?
    I'm not going to cheap out and risk an accident, I hate wasting $$$ tho. This is the first bike I had with spokes, and I don't like them, but nothing else looks right on a Springer, so I'll keep them. I hate cleaning them and I hate the extra expense of the tube.
    Seriously, why a new tube with every tire change, anyone know?
    Rant over !
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    :coffee..I wish I could help you.It must take a good HR to clean your wheels..
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    Probably another thing like "they all do that" .:D

    More likely because the tube chafes inside the rim and tire and as a safety precaution they want you to change it when you replace a tire.

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    I often wondered the same thing years back..

    I HAVE always gone NEW, Why you ask ? :

    The old tube MAY have worn spots(it does wear) invisible to the eye, Especially when used in a laced wheel.... SAFETY is the BEST REASON.. Always NEW when apart.

    they should of ALSO put in a new cover band around the wheel-spoke area..

    NOW IF you don't want to use the new tube or band I THINK it is Still YOUR option....
    31 bucks seems high but that is HD.

    I had a new 880 Metzler rear tire with 200 miles on it and a SMALL nail hole.... I CUT thru the OLD tire side wall while it was OFF... The mechanic putting the new on asked Why..... I said Making Sure Nobody gets a Used tire I would not run myself.. left it there and paid the 5$ carcass fee...

    I would not use a patched/plugged tire even on the rear,, ONLY time would be to get it to a tire change place,, there are TOO Many other ways to loose you life on a bike... Used/repaired Tire/parts should not be one of them..

  5. Jack Klarich

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    Product liability, The Dealers do not want an install to go sideways JMO,
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    Like I said, I won't cheap out, I'll install the new tube, but I sure wish there were another rim that looked good on a Classic Springer, but there just isn't.
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    Not a lot holding that stem on. Hard braking and hole shots will put quite a bit of flex in the tire.
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    For me, like replacing valve stems on cast wheels, it just makes good sense.
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    When i was a young lad had little money and probably less sense i would use an old tube with a new tyre however they do deteriorate over time
    i am sure you will be looking at the age of the new tyre before it is fitted as once a tyre is 6 yrs from date of creation it should be got rid off as the compound is no longer what it was
    tube gets less effective with time also and as it is compressed between the tyre and rim can get rub points on it
    I do my own tyre changes currently i have only 1 spoked wheel out of 6 and it gets a new tube and rim tape when the tyre is replaced costs me about £15 it is not a sum of money i would chose to save over safety

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    If you save $31.00 and not replace the tube and the tube gets a hole in it with a new tire and you have to replace the tube just how much money did you save?

    Replace the tube.