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    Thought some of you guys might be interested in stuff ultraduc and I have learned in our new biker experience.

    First off we decided in March to buy Harleys mostly due to the fact we have a 5 hour commute from where our homes are to where we work and 38 to 42 mpg sounded alot better than 12 mpg in the Chevy truck cage. Being ole shade tree car mechanics we actually think we can do most anything we set our minds to with a crescent wrench, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, some ductape and/or a little bailing wire. Doing our own maintenance and mods is something we have always done and love doing, so with the Harleys one of the first things we discovered is ya gotta have a few more tools, mainly a torx set and a good allen wrench set. Oh yeah and a good torque wrench. So on to lessons learned.

    1. If you haven't ridden a bike of any kind in thirty years, go buy the biggest touring bike you can find, pick it up on Saturday morning from the dealer when they havin' a poker run so you got a big audience and head out through a medium to large size city on a three hour ride. If you live through the first 15 or 20 minutes this is a great experience and it gives the guys in the parking lot of the dealership something to bet on amoungst each other, like "10 bucks says the old guy never makes it out of the lot". Plus it gives the little kids somethin to laugh at while your tryin to negotiate the first traffic light stop.

    2. 18 wheelers are a lot more intimidating at 65 mph when your not in a car or a pickup truck.

    3. Seating is everything, if your gonna spend money early buy the best seat you can afford even if you can't afford it. By the way purchase a thumb screw for seat removal cause you gonna take that sucker off a lot!

    4. Leathers, highway pegs, back rest, glasses/goggles, heavy boots and several other items you always thought were kinda silly ain't just for looks.

    5. Accessorizing your scoot is not an OPTION.

    6. You do not need a screwdriver, hammer or really any other tools to remove hard saddlebags. Just open the lid and turn them little twisty thingies they will come right off.

    7. ALWAYS put your jiffy stand in the down position BEFORE exiting the bike.

    8. Do not over tighten fairing windshield screws, you'll pull them little brass nuts right out of the inner fairing, real pain in the (Edit) to fix that.

    9. Changing to chrome handlebar switch covers is easy, hahahahahahahahaha, not!

    10. Bugs at 60 on uncovered skin feel like gravel!

    Number one thing I've learned is find the HDTimeline site, read and pay attention to everything these guys say and study the Self Help Section.

    I have learned loads more than what I can post on this thread but the ones I've listed are my highlights.

    Ride Safe.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    In the words of Johnny Carson, Good stuff. :laugh
    Thanks for sharing.
    +1 on the switch covers.
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    WOW, great idea for a thread.

    Everything you mentioned I pretty much experianced myself, never thought to put it into words.

    I would like to add a few things I learned in the last 2 years (first 2 years) of ridding.

    Bikers are pretty cool people, happy to help, happy to learn, happy to just talk about riddin' I am glad to be a part of this group of people.

    Rain at 60 MPH feels alot like bugs at 60 MPH.

    HD dealers are the only brand that has dedicated dealerships with dedicated mechanics.

    The wisdom from the particapants on this web site is unbelievable. They never seem to fail. They always seem to help or at least have fun trying.

    Thanks to you all for having me. :D
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    #1 on all the great info here at H D Talking, but don't forget the Gals who contribute to make this the Best on the WEB:s
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    At this point, my list of what I have learned is too great and you all have probably read it on here in the past.

    Now I'm getting ready to write a new chapter in my book of what I've learned and yup, you guessed it, you will all get to read that too. :newsmile011::newsmile011:
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    I have learned we will be at 50,000 members by the 1st of August, We are heading in the right direction with new and better information. Our self help section has grown and been updated , The Boss and staff are working hard and deserve BIG KUDOS for keeping this the Best :s
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    Please excuse me if I my Arkansas southern english offended any one, this post was intended mostly in fun and jest. Things I learnt in this post:

    1) The "b" word referring to a persons posterior used as "a pain in the" is bad.

    2) The "f" word spelled in any form or fashion is still the "f" word and should not be used.

    3) The word guys in some folks area must be a genetic term, in my usage it means EVERYONE!

    Once again please accept my apology if I offended ANYONE.
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    That says a lot of your character IMO to explain this and apologize, This is why we are the Best on the Web, We have rules and the best Moderators so we can have a great site that even your young ones can read and not be afraid or embarrassed :s
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    Let me see if I can explain it for you here.

    We have a no language policy on the forum which even in it's simplistic forms can be misleading. If we allow a poster to use a term that is in the simplest form, the next poster will try to expand on that and use a better word then and so on.
    I hope you understand the meaning here. In summation, you can say it's a slippery slope and once the language starts, then it goes downhill from there and we have much too much time into this forum to let it slide backwards like some others have done.

    Thanks for the understanding.

    You may want to review the rules and also this post too.

    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community

    HD Talking Rules - Harley Davidson Community
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    No worries, I'm okay being one of the 'guys' when it is used appropriately. :s

    I've worked in a male dominated field for 20 years, but when it comes right down to it, I am still 'just the girl', but I fit right in with being 'one of the guys'.

    I've never had a problem, they (the guys0 have always treated me well, would stand up for me, come over & help me out on a job if I needed it, and most would swallow their pride and call me to come and help them when they needed a hand. :s