Stuck oil pressure relief plunger

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Fisherking, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Fisherking

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    I think my oil pressure relief plunger is stuck. How do i go about unlocking it .
    I just replaced the oil pressure spring back to original . But still getting 50,55 psi at hwy speed . And getting oil out of the basses of the push rod tubs ?
    Thanks F.K.
  2. Bodeen

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    I would try a bamboo skewer or something that wont gouge. Reach in and try to press against the side and slide it out. Maybe need to work it back and forth to get it...
  3. tourbox

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    I have used a pencil/pocket magnet to get them out it not stuck to bad.
  4. dolt

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    It does sound like the valve is stuck in the closed position; if stuck open, oil pressure would be low. Having said that, I would first check the gauge to make sure the gauge and sending unit are working properly.

    As you probably know after replacing the spring, you can remove spring and plunger without removing the cam plate. If tapping on the cam plate or magnet doesn't work a 3/8"-24 tap will grab the valve. I had one stuck so bad once that I had to actually cut threads into the valve and screw in a bolt to pull it out.:5: Once out, polish it with 1500 grit emery cloth or a Scotch Brite pad until the valve falls out of the bore by its own weight. You can also "lap" in the nose of the valve to the mating surface in the bore with an oil based lapping compound but you would need to remove the cam plate so you could clean that out. You can used toothpaste and not worry about what's left.:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    A popcycle stick slightly narrowed is a GOOD tool... Tight enough to have to Bend when pushed INTO the piston (spring removed) then turning and pulling out has never been My problem... shorting the wood will allow you to not have to remove the camplate also. PLUS, If you trim the stick too much,,,,, Have plenty of them in the freezer and pop open another one for the correct fit...:D

    Of Course, You'll Have to EAT them COLD ones to get the new tool to use...:rofl