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    I ran out to Walmart to pick up a few things and saw a bike on the side of the road either broken down or getting a ticket from the state trooper parked behind it. I kept going but on the return trip I saw a second bike parked minus the trooper. I thought about letting it go and then I thought about all the times people have helped me. I have a small S10 pickup and a trailer I use for my bike so I thought I could help. I doubled back at the next exit. It was a young couple who were 100 miles from home when the 81 Kawasaki she was riding threw a spark plug. They were out for about 2 weeks and had made it as far as Nashville from Long Island NY. They had all sots of camping gear hanging off both bikes. It brought back memories. He tried to tap the spark plug hole but must have dropped some shavings into the cylinder because it was very hard to turn over and wouldn’t start. They decided to scrap it and I offered to drop her off about 30 miles north at the main train station at Trenton NJ while he rode the other bike the rest of the way home.
    On the way I shared how my late wife loved to ride and all the great trips we took and now I am a small part of their story just like others who have helped me are a part of mine. The willingness to help fellow riders is one of the great things about riding. I hope its something we can keep it going
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    It's always gratifying to help a fellow rider in trouble. Nice story for you and them.
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    your a good man Bob, i am sure the couple will remember you for a long time. and when they see someone on the side of the road will stop and offer help aw well.
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    Thats awesome same thing happened to me tonight, dude sitting on his bike asking for help from anyone he lost all power and no tools I always carry tools and had him running in no time. We all need each other from time to time.
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    Remember BOBFLHTC, what goes around comes around. I would have done the same thing. Thanks for sharing....
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    I think its part of the "Biker Code" to help a stranded rider. The last time I stopped to help a guy on a bike though, he said he was ok and just stopped to take some pictures. :)
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    Well done Bob !
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    From my time with bikes that has been the normal way to behave to always help where you can
    Last time i stopped it was a young lady that had broken down but she had already called for assistance i stayed with her till her assistance arrived

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    Nice story and Kudos to you for helping out, a bit of kindness goes a long way and I know I would be grateful for help:s