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  1. ygrowup

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    I just put the bike away for the winter. It's in a locked, unheated garage but I'd still like to cover it. As long as I'm buying a cover I want to buy one that will work outdoors too. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. deucedog

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    If it's in a garage then the only reason to cover it would be to keep dust off.
    Don't put a cover on that is tightly wrapped as this will tend to trap any moisture under the cover. This starts rust and corrosion.

    I also keep mine in an unheated garage and only cover it with a light blanket like they give you when you're on an airplane. It protects the bike without trapping moisture. I also park the bike on one of those rubber backed matts (see picture) that you see at the entrance to stores. This helps to keep moisture from wicking up from the concrete floor. Especially if you get those occasional warmer days that create condensation.

  3. jaceddie

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    I just cover mine with old sheets. That is to keep the dust off and it's easy to throw them off and go riding.:D
  4. dangerdan

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    I am sure many will disagree.

    When I had the Honda I wrapped it good in heavy plastic with lots of duct tape to make sure it was as air tight as possible and I never had a problem with rust. Two years ago I just threw a cover over it leaving the wheels partialy exposed. When I took the cover off in the spring there was minor corrotion on the chrome rims. Last year I wrapped the bike up like with plastic and duct tape and found no rust when the cover came off.

    My wife likes to park her car in the garage during the winter. This results in lots of road salt accumilating in the garage till spring leaving all that exposed chrome.

    If I could find a Glad bag that would fit the Harley I would use it.
  5. glider

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    What I have done with the RK is to get the Dow cover oversize for the bike like for an ultra, probably an XXL size. This way the elastic in the cover bottom hem pulls in under the tires and no wheel is exposed. Works for me.:D
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    I agree. In the winter with warm weather changes with a cement floor unheated garage I found my bike with condensation all over it. I bought some silica gel bags wrapped it tightly in poly and sealed the seams. No condensation on the bike and no rust. I think they do make an air tight bag that goes over a bike. Like a zip lock.
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    Now what about if you leave your battery tender connected all winter and have a cover on, will that cause problems cause of the battery and tender?

    Mine is in a garage, winterized and tender on, but NO cover
  8. glider

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    JMO but the tender on it and under a cover could cause some problems if the battery gasses.
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    0 has some options on covers.
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    In an unheated garage park it on a rubber based carpet,put an indoor cover on it and a lightbulb under it.You won't have any condensation problems.