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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by pitbull883, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. The other day I went to start my bike. I turned the key on, hit the starter button, nothing happened. I clicked the handlebar switch back and forth, then it cranked over and started. I know the right fix is probably to replace the switch, but is the switch serviceable? Anything inside it need to be cleaned?
    This happened once early last season, and not again until this time.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Try some contact cleaner followed by some dilectric grease Water intrusion is the enemy here
  3. Thanks, I'll try it. I never actually use that switch, I usually turn it off with the key.
  4. gator508

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    A long time ago when I bought my first Harley, the techs told me not to use the key to turn the bike off. I don't know if he was just blowing smoke or not.
  5. hillbilly81

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    They say you are supposed to shut it off with bar switch then turn the key off..seems to me something about shutting the gas off to prevent start up backfire..but I may be wrong
  6. i am not sure what difference it would make, but i am wondering if i should use the handlebar switch sometimes to try and keep it working. sometimes it's not good to leave a switch unused.
  7. Bodeen

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    The use of the kill switch if nothing else, does a couple things. It keeps the switch moving and corrosion is harder to build up on a switch that is used regularly. Not saying that corrosion wont build up but its harder when its being used regularly. It also gets one used to using it and its location in case of that emergency that I hope never happens.
  8. TomH65

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    I read somewhere that the kill switch should only be used in an emergency. I can't understand why. I know a lot of people who use it to stop the engine, but I always use the key, and switch the engine to off on the kill switch when parking or storing the bike.
  9. wazzle

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    The only time I use the kill switch are in circumstances such as parking on a hill. I want to keep my right hand on the brake so flip that switch.