Stock Street Glide Pipes? 07+

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    Greetings all,
    I just rode the Electra to work for the first time this morning, and made the decision that the aftermarket slip-ons that are on my 02 classic are a little excessive in the volume range. The previous owner said he got them for a great deal on the internet, and I can't find a brand name on them any where. They look to be (and sound like) glass pack mulfflers with no baffeling. They are tepered from the header pipes out to the tail end where the ID is about 3"
    The tips are held in place with a few set screws.
    In my experience / opinion- there is a difference between Loud and Good sounding pipes, and right now I'm more in the loud category. I've seen lots of Stock Street glide take-offs from 07+ on C's list and ebay, for a good price, and was thinking of giving them a try. I do have the air cleaner upgrade, but I do not yet have the power commander III. The PC III and a good exhaust are somewhere in the future for me, but at this stage I'd just like to tame down the raspy pipes. Anybody got an Idea of what to expect with a pair of 07+ Street Glide slip-ons? Any other suggestions for an inexpensive set of good sounding slip-ons to tide me over?

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    i'll tell you its hard to beat a sett of screamin eagle slip on's they sound very good but not "loud" i have BuB slip on's but if i had it to do over i would have got SE
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    Any touring muffler from I think 1997 will fit your 2002. As long as they are not "flange" style. Best would be from 2000 up. If yours have screws in the tips, they may have re-packable baffles. The baffles may be difficult to remove, but if you can get them out, fiber glass matting or fiber glass roving that is used on auto body work and boats works good to tone them down.
    I agree that Screamin Eagle slip on's sound nice. Several friends and myself have them.
  4. HDSickness

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    I would not go back to stock pipes. Yes you can find them cheap for a reason. SE pipes are good alternative but rather quiet IMO.
    You do need a tuner though with slip ons and air cleaner upgrade.
    I would go with Rineharts, very nice sound.
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    Thanks for the Insight guys, I'll look into the SE slip-ons. Did over 100 miles in Michigan yesterday and the ears are still ringing. 3000+ rpms on the x-way sounds like a race boat with open headers!
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    Sounds like you may have Rush pipes on your bike and maybe some baffles removed. Regardless, I can tell you that my dad had stock pipes on his glide for a while....I think he changed them because he got tired of me making reference to his bike as a honda with a harley decal...ha ha! Actually he changed them when he upgraded the air box and had it dyno'd. He got the S.E. slip-ons and now it sounds much better. Kinda throaty but not loud. My softail (with Rush pipes) is louder side by side, but his has a more low end grunt.
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