Still warms my heart

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by R.Bingham, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. R.Bingham

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    Yesterday as I was driving down to my uncles funeral I passed a EG Classic with temporary plates on it, obviously brand new. It was on a beautiful stretch of road between Fort Worth and Granbury. Anyway as I pass him I look over at him and he has this big ole grin on his face. I got a big ole grin on my face then just being happy for him and his new bike. I then thought about when I got mine and having that same big ole grin. I still get one from time to time. How about you? :newsmile011:
  2. Mattman4403

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    Does not even have to be new one. When you have to be in the cage and see someone out having a good time out in the wind just makes you smile.
  3. Gezzer Glide

    Gezzer Glide Active Member Contributor

    I bought my FLHT new in '03 and the smile is the only thing that hasn't changed..:D:D:D
  4. Randall K. Wilson

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    Presently my two HD's are 2003 FLHRI with 42K on it. Also a 2009 FLSTN which I bought 3 1/2 months ago. It has 4K on it. Both machines I bought brand new. Now you can take this to the bank...I am just as delighted with these cycles as I was the day I bagged them. They are tryed and true. The RK very personalized:newsmile093: and the Deluxe is destined to also be personalized. :newsmile093:

    So yes they do still warm my a matter that would melt the most obdurant of metals.:D
  5. Trek

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    I feel sorry for those who can ride all year long. They don't know what it feels like to have the itch to ride and know you are still months away. Then when that time comes it's like just when you first got the bike.
  6. TXMikey

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    Weather down here over the last couple of weeks has been pretty bad for riding. Sunday was the first day that it was really good to ride, and the smile returned. It's amazing how much the attitude improved after a ride.

    No wonder my better half was so supportive about me going riding instead of doing "honey-dos". :bigsmiley11:
  7. dhorne

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    We can ride year round and I have the same itch its just a daily thing!!!!
  8. sharpscuba

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    I have that grin each and everytime I get on my bike. It comes when I stradle her before the start and stay's at least up until I am walking away from her and even with that a quick look back at it and I can feel the grin again.
  9. CatWoman

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    I know exactly what you all mean!!

    I get a big grin when I'm cruizing down the road just as a cage operator looks at me, then my bike, then back to me with a big smile :bigsmiley11:

    No wait, I get my biggest grin, :bigsmiley12: when I walk through a parking lot with all the cages, then there, within their midst -- the most beautiful bike, waiting patiently for me to return!!

    No wait, how about when I'm cruising along (a bit fast), grooving with my bike - and a caged cop rides along side...........with a thumbs up :D

    -- I just like telling that one!! :newsmile011:​

    CatWoman :rider


    Hello, I seem to get a big smile every time I crest a hill and can see all the way to the horizon with nothing but rolling stretched out farmland, blue skies and the sun just sinking into the land. I love the old barns and farms off in the distance, no better way of experiencing this than on two wheels. I have a thing for the country, if it was only inner city riding I would sell the bike. M