Still waiting to get fuel system recall done...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flh canuck, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. flh canuck

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    I took my '08 Electraglide into the dealer to be inspected after recieving a recall notice in the mail. They checked it out and sure enough, I got the "yep, needs the recall done, have to order the part, probably take a week".

    I was kinda thinking "Why didn't you tell me you have no parts and I would have waited till you do before wasting your time and my mine..."

    I checked back two weeks later, "No parts, still back-ordered".

    It's now been a month, no parts, still back-ordered....

    My bike has 17,000 kms on it with no problems so I'm not overly worried about it but at any given moment, Murphy could be waiting just around the next corner...

    I thought this part was made out of plastic, not unobtainium...

    Is this a common situation everywhere or is it just Canada that seems to have no parts in stock for this recall?
  2. hntwrobin

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    What is the recall?
  3. rbmount

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    I'm not sure what the problem is with your dealer- I ordered a kit for a bike yesterday and got it in this morning. Have your dealer call their point of contact and talk to them about shipping them another wave.
  4. catfishmike

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    It took one day to get the recall kit and 45 minutes to fix it