Stickin With My FXD!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hd4evr, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. hd4evr

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    Gettin older (59), with a bad back, so I've been thinking about trading in my 2007 SuperGlide for a Road King. I went and took a test ride on one today............yes, I'm lucky enough to have a dealer who'll let you test ride..........and after riding it about 15 minutes, I was bored to death on that thing! It just wasn't something I'd enjoy riding, unless I was traveling cross country and had to use a motorcycle. For everyday use, it'd bore me to tears! I'm glad I test rode one, because I now know..I'm sticking with my Dyna! :worthy
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Funny thing here is I used to ride baggers, now I ride a 07 Streetbob, I love it but I miss my bagger. got a really bad back also missing L4 and L5, now I want a trike but will keep my Bob
  3. Jimmy_k

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    Yep, there's nothing in the world like that Super Glide for handling and exciting riding.

    Love It!

  4. r44s

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    At 65 I find my dyna rides just fine for me.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    In what way did it bore you? What kind of a test ride did you take? Did you get to ride it on some of the same roads you usually ride so you're comparing apples to apples?

    My Street Glide is a blast for 30 minutes or 300 miles. Every day use or 4 day trip.

    Every Harley suits a certain purpose best so if the Road King wasn't the best bike for you, no big deal. But to call it boring kind of insults the hundreds on here who love their Kings.
  6. cdn-bigfoot

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    If it was boring to him it was boring to him.
    I don't see it as a slap in the face. Not everyone likes Dyna's either.

    And since the topic has been raised.... Always test it before you buy.
    I've tested Street Gildes and Electra Gildes and rented a Road King for a day on Maui. While they have a great use on the highway, I see the point. They are not the same kind of ride. I LOVE my Street Bob and it is way more fun for me to ride than any of those baggers were. My Sportster was more fun as well. Just not as practical as the Dyna for my size and on the highway.

    Viva la FXD!
  7. hd4evr

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    Sorry, didn't mean to insult anyone. I'm sure there are people who hate Dynas.
    I rode it on city streets to get out of town, several lights, stop signs, etc. I rode it on back country roads while getting to the interstate, and then rode the interstate for several miles. I guess about a 1/2 hour loop. By boring, I meant, it felt like a car almost. It felt like a "tool" to do a job, you know, like just something you'd use to run an errand, get to work, travel to another place, etc. The ride was smooth, car like, and it really lost the feel of riding a motorcycle. I couldn't see "hot rodding" one.
    So, what do you do with it?........just ride it I guess. For some people that's enough. I like to be more "involved" with my bikes.

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    No insult to NOT ride or like a particular HD...hey a 1000cc or greater motorcycle is NOT everyone's cup-o-tea to begin with. The real deal is which one pushes the RIGHT buttons for YOU, as the call is purely subjective.

    Back in the day, my "ideal" for a V-Twin was a Ducati...but the maintenance and cost of ownership was too high for given performance. Likely I would have learned to to the Desmo direct drive adjustment and such myself, but it was too much a piece of "unobtanium"...:newsmile040:

    It was a pure accident that I even looked at Harley again, my inexperience with the marque and fact that other products suited my needs being the primary cause. High price of admission for brand spankin' new YES...but overtime, even a 1 or 2 year old model becomes affordable...and really has to boil down to basic "wants and needs"...which my gal reminds me constantly...(buying and selling a new bike) is an act of emotion and passion...something most guys are rarely able to control, especially "ALPHA" males (no apologies to the gals...they LET their emotions speak "naturally" for them)...LOL! :newsmile100:
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  9. SC-roadking

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    Well the 07 RK SE under me with the new Axtell 110 & cylinders pistons, cams, thundermax auto, Rinehart true duals, sure feels like a bike to me. I rode the V Max before this ride and you are right, no 2 bikes ride or handle the same. The 68 thousand dollar question is what's it gonna take to make you happy :) with what's under you? Life is short, make yourself happy if you can and good luck. LOL
  10. RetiredJake

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    Don't blame you a bit. I love my Dyna, ride it locally all time. BUT, when I hit the road for a multi-day ride, the Ultra comes out. Best of both worlds if you can swing it.