Stereo System reviews for Road Kings? Is there a site?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by escorial, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Have a 09 RK and have been considering getting some tunes. I need somthing that is kick (EDIT) , has nothing to do w/ Ipod but has a mp3 player plug in as well as possibly a DVD Mp3 player.

    I have been looking at a lot online and everyone claims that they have the best, but none offer a money back refund if not satisfied. For the $$$ that many of these systems including the batwing ones I would need som time of feedback . Many do not offer size of speakers, brand, brand of amp or head unit.


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    Being a Road King rider for the last 7yrs believe me I have checked out and listened to just about system out there for a RK...I don't care what they tell you a 3-3.5in speaker is not going to do anything...putting around town you might be able to hear it but forget it once you throttle up...One of those detachable fairings is the only system that actually work,but you are basically paying $1k-2k for just a sound thanks
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    Yea sort of figured as much , looks like a Ultra may be in my future but even that route those factory stereos are pretty lame so again putting more $$ in.


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    escorial i have the same problem. '09 rk classic and ive been wanting to put in a system, and have gotten big promises but very little actual feedback. ive seen the ones dbmg posted about but my prob with that is i hardley ever use the windshield unless im going on a road trip. so if u do come across some you like and are happy with please let us know.

    ride safe
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    i had a box you can find on ebay with a cd player and i could hear it just fine on mine.. put on the boom audio HD setup and its a lot louder just in garage than my other every was.. ever thaws here ill tell ya how it is on the Road