stator bolts broke off 99 electraglide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tom68, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I have a 99 electraglide and my stator went bad. I took it apart and found it all chewed up inside and the torx bolts that hold it in are broken off flush. Has anyone had this problem? How do I get the bolts out so I can replace them? some of the magnets are chewed up also.
  2. dieselguy65

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    i get bolts out by TIG weld or stick weld a nut to the end of them. even broke off flush, makes it easy. i would say TIG a nut to them.
    or get a small, LEFTHAND drill bit, they should come right out. might want to hit em with a propane torch for just a second incase someone red loctite them in there.
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    First, you need to plan on replacing the stator and the rotor. Clean out the inside of the primary case very carefully, and "wash" the clutch basket as well as you can with solvent and then soak in the primary fluid you are going to use. Better bet is to dissassemble the clutch to get all those bits of magnet and steel out of there.

    When you say "broken off flush", what do you mean? Flush with the stator, or flush with the engine case? Makes a difference with how to try to extract them.