stator and regulator compatibility?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by cuzzinsam, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Hi Folks, My first post, and first chance to show my ignorance. My story goes like this - 3 months ago I replaced my battery, voltage reg, and stator, and the world was lovely again. Fast foreward to yesterday and she left me on the side of the road again with a dead battery. At this point I'm pretty sure its the reg (I allmost 50 VAC from the stator with it unplugged and just battery voltage 12.1 with the reg plugged in).
    My question is this, my new stator is a 45 amp, and my dead Accel regulator is a 35 amp they need to be the same amp? Could this, instead of cheap-no pride in thier work-greedy corporate production practices be the cause of my early reg failure?
    An alleged mechanic told me to check the breaker but it has continuity across the terminals so I'm assuming its ok.
    Any ideas? Thanks, Cuz
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    Well i'm no expert but...I would suggest that the excess current that the bike doesn't need to charge the battery would have to be dissipated by the regulator (which is it's job). Because its only rated for 35 amp and you are giving it 45 amp , yes, I would say that it overloaded it and cooked it. My 2 cents. Ride safe