Statistics of hit and run accidents with motorcycles

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    After experiencing it firsthand and reading it online and in the newspapers it seems that a lot of people who cause accidents for motorcycle riders flee the scene. You hope that they don't know what they did and didn't see it. The driver who got me probably got a good look as he did a donut and went the opposite direction. I know in my case the police did little or nothing to find the driver of the car. It would be nice to see states increase the penalty for hit and run drivers. It just frustrates me when I read another article about it.
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    They are out to get us... We lost two riders in southwest Louisiana this week...
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    You got that right! The day I dumped my bike I had pulled out from a blind corner after rolling through the stop sign convinced that nobody was coming and I could be on my way because I was late for an appointment. [ Big mistake rushing]. Anyway once I realized that a car was into that blind intersection I hit the front brake hard instinctively with the front wheel turned [another big mistake]. Well the bike goes down and I was all adrenalized as to what had just happened but after settling down it occurred to me that I put the bike down ahead of that car. They had to have seen me go down and yet they didn't even stop th see if I was okay! Wow! Talk about heartless!
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    wow, in Washington State we take hit and Runs very seriously, especially with injury involved...potential Felony here.:small3d014:
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    Causing an accident is bad enough, leaving the scene is unforgivable in my opinion. You just can't be too careful on a bike, we are invisible to many drivers, especially those on the phone or, heaven forbid, texting. Where did common sense go? Rock on.
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    Most states require contact for it to an "official" accident. Ask your insurance agent what happens if you get cut off, lay the bike down with out hitting the other vehicle? More than likely you will be the one at fault as a single vehicle accident.

    Not saying it's right, but the way the law is written.
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    I almost ran into the same situation with my insurance. They didn't want to accept my claim for uninsured motorist stating "how do you know the person who hit you didn't have insurance". After a giggle I stated well now you just gave me a reason to contact an attorney. A few days later they gave me some (EDIT) reasoning and are now somewhat processing the claim

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    Lost 3 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this past week. Although one was a rice rocket supposedly going at a "high rate of speed", when someone pulled out from a stop sign in front of him.
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    Not just motorcycles. Bicyclists go thru the same thing.
    Idiots always think it's open season on anything on two wheels.

    Ride like you're invisible...cause it may be on purpose.
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    Although states are enacting laws regarding distracted driving and have hit and run laws on the books they are, for the most part ineffective.

    I think anyone convicted of causing an accident due to distraction or leaving the scene should be restricted to riding a motor scooter of no more than 50cc painted bright pink.