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    I hope this is the place to ask a question, I am new to this site as of today.
    I have a 2005 heritage solftail classic , In order to start the bike you have to pump it 6 to 8 time and pull out the inrichner and it may start , after you get it started it run great , I need some help with the problem. Thanks

  2. dbmg

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    Was not 2005 a early fuel injection system??
  3. hillbilly81

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    I think the soft ails went injected in 2001
  4. dolt

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    Actually, carbureted softails were still around up to '07.

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    What dolt said:

    ALL HD's from 07 and up Including Sportsters came FI... My 06 sport 1200 R is the last year carbed...:shock

    Thinking I'd Never Want/Have a Fuel-Injected bike (NO Not Me) and knowing Early that the 07's came FI.... Man, IF I only Knew BETTER back then....:D


    Check for an intake leak and Jet sizes.... What mods were done Since it Ran Good? Or has it always run this way?
    Miles on the motor?
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    When the engine is cold it is hard to start as there is insufficient fuel in the mixture to fully ignite this is due to epa emission requirements and the design of the carb
    By snapping open the throttle a few times the accelerator pump squirts neat fuel down the throat of the carb this will give a rich mixture for the initial start the engine may run for a short period then stop another few pumps on the throttle and try again should start and run ok
    This is my normal start sequence on my carbed bikes
    If you have a vacuum operated petcock there may be no fuel in the float bowl for the accelerator pump to work with until the engine has turned over a few times to create suitable vacuum to allow fuel to flow to the float bowl
    In this case fuel tap on choke knob fully out power on turn engine over a few times then pump throttle and try to start
    Each bike has its own character you need to get to know your bike and work with it

  7. dolt

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    Do you keep your battery on a tender? A weak battery will contribute to slow starting as well. You should not have to "pump" the carb to get the bike started; pulling out the enrichener should be sufficient. Could be that your enrichener cable is adjusted wrong and not opening up the passage all the way?

    If battery is fully charged and enrichener working properly, the motor may turn over 6-8 times before starting; typical for a carbed motor. You may also check the screen on the petcock to make sure there is no restriction there.:s
  8. atm33

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    Had a Honda with similar issue. Removed and cleaned the carbs and problem solved.