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    I have a '90 classic. Last weekend I went to start it and all it would do is make a single clicking noise at the starter relay and the lights would get dim while hitting the starter button. I did a load test on the battery, and found I had a week battery. (so I thought) It ran good all week until today, it started to do it again. What would cause this problem, and why did it go away for a week and now its back. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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    That was your "grace period". You used it up.:)
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    Possible you have a bad connection in the battery cables or a bad cable itself. Remember they have two ends and both have to be clean and tightly connected on BOTH cables.

    Hold the start button for a couple of seconds when the light dims and then cautiously feel both cables and the connections on the ends. The hot one is the problem one then repair/clean or replace it.
  4. If connections are good, Check your charging system. test stator output, or just check continuity from a stator output to the engine case. should read open line, or no continuity. a reading of 0.0 ohms is bad. means stator coil is making direct contact to case. and sometimes the connection from stator to reg gets loose
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    My 89 FLHTC had that very same problem,,,went crazy figuring it out, lost one entire riding season tearing it apart and back together,,,,finally read an article about Harley's starting problem on the late 80's and early 90's FLH models. It was the stock starter relay behind the right side cover. Bought a FORD style starter relay (the style that has 2 large and one small connecting stud) went from relay to battery, relay to starter and finally the starter button wire from the starter button. Never clicked even once in the last 10 yrs. The reason a new battery worked at first for you was because it had more then enough voltage. When you have that CLICKING problem try a jumper wire from battery to starter. If it starts right up then it is definitely the Harley relay that needs to be replaced. Good luck.
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    Do what I did. Pick up an aftermarket starter button tha mounts on the starter solonoid If it won;t turn over you can close the curcuit by pushing this button.
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    If the battery failed a load test replace the battery, put volt meter on battery and hit starter button and read voltage when it clicks what is the voltage? Put volt meter lead on Batt cable at the starter do the same as above what is the voltage?
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    Starter solenoids are electro magnetic switches, any amount of corrosion on the copper disc will cause a short, the solenoids can be taken apart and cleaned and or the disc can be flipped over for a better contact, it is not always needed to buy a rebuild kit, all power flows through the solenoid, so a bad contact there will surely dim the lights and all other components