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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by babella, Sep 30, 2006.

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    My 2002 V-Rod with 3k miles has developed a starting problem. Battery is brand new. When starter is engaged, it will just "click" as if a relay is closing. Hitting the button 20 or 30 times typically would eventually engage the starter and the bike fires. Happens every 10 or so starts, but seems more likely when the engine is hot. Dealer replaced the starter relay, but to no avail, had to get push-started three times Sunday. Dealer is baffled. Suggestions?

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    Hi, I was had the same problem but when Install the power comander the
    ignition is better now.

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    Have you checked the starter? Sometimes a bad spot can develop on the starter and you'll run into thos kinds of problems.

    On older bikes (oder than 99) there was a copper connection on the starter that after some wear, it would get hot and the same problem would happen. I don't think your bike is subject to that, though.
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    try replacing your ignition switch,the same thing happend on my moms 99 soft-tail she came frome corpus christi texas and half way through it started to do the same.... every time she got gas she had to be push started. it ran about $300.00 parts and labor
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    First of all...Hey DynaMike fancy running into you here!!!

    Okay, here goes...DON'T FORGET TO TEST SENSORS TOO!
    Recently, my bike took a dump on me.
    After running down the freeway, I turned off to surface streets and the engine just shutdown (lights still worked). I pulled over and let it cool and it re-started right away. It repeatedly shutdown and would not start (just "click-click). Then after cooling it down and restarting for another 4 to 5 times. Half a day later, I thought okay, it must be a coil problem. Repalced the coil still the same problem. I thought okay, it must be the module. So before changing the module I decided to put my stock setup back in. Still same shutdown. Then really looking at it again and found a shorted wire and bad battery. Fixed that. Then same shutdown problem.
    Well...eventual FOUND the problem!
    It all boiled down to a friggin sensor crapping out. The problem sensor was a Crank Position Sensor (CKP) of all things. The little piece of CKP is supposed to generate an AC signal to the module which references engine position (TDC) and engine speed...sounds like a part to make more money for HD. Hence, that is why it gave some symptoms of a bad coil or module...faked me out. This is the reason why I only used to like working on 'Old School' scooters. The little bugger CKP was intermittant and would only start to fail when the engine was good and hot...that is why it started when the engine was cooled down. The CKP actual counts 30 little teeth on the left side flywheel with two consecutive teeth missing to get a reference point established.
    Also, if you ever think your carb is taking a crap on you...think twice!
    Cuz there is also another little friggin sensor called a Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) that will affect timing (signal also sent to the module) and measures manifold vacuum. It could make you think your carb is wasted and ready for the swap meet basket.
    But gee...if HD had it together, they could make it so you can hook the bike up to a diagnostic computer that would test all sensors. Guess that is the part where HD makes more money selling you things to fix a problem that really does not fix the initial problem.
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    Oops! Sorry, wrong DynaMike...another DynaMike here in Kali....