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    I could really use some help here if anyone out there has some info. I'm building a custom chopper that is softail based on mostly everything. I picked up a used 1987 Softail transmission with primary, starter and all to install and was using a Wires Plus seat post wiring harness which really made most wiring pretty easy. I am now trying to wire the starter motor and solenoid referencing a Clymer manual for softails but it isnt specific enough as to what wires connect where on the solenoid/starter setup. Anybody have any ideas where I can find some reference material to help me set this up correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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    was there anything in the self-help section here?
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    I didnt see anything specific to starter/solenoid wiring. I need something like a diagram showing the poles for solenoid and starter motor/ battery connections.
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    87 Softail Starter motor and starter solenoid wiring

    Ok ...without bursting a hernia laughing at my drawing I have a question if anyone knows and can figure out my drawing. I tried to copy what the clymer manual shows for wiring the solenoid and starter motor. It only specifies a few things and jsut says in the guide to note the wires for reassembly. Which since I am doing a build does me no good. Im building a project using a 1987 Softail primary, transmission, and accessories ( OEM Starter and Solenoid ).

    The manual specifies these on the drawing :
    1- Wire TO starter motor
    2- Wire FROM starter motor
    5- Long terminal (on starter solenoid the longer of the two wide posts)

    I'm totally guessing on these but looking at the wiring schematic in the back best as I can tell the other wires shown in the drawing look like they would do the following:
    3- Wire from starter relay/ignition harness stated designated as to Solenoid
    4-would go to battery positive; tied in with voalteg regulator on 30amp breaker
    Also guessing that 1 and 2 both connect to the same single terminal on the side of the starter motor since that is the only terminal anywhere on the motor.

    Any words of wisdom on this ???? Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out.


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    I am going by the wiring diagrams I have for my bike and what makes plain sense, but I would think yours need to be somewhat the same.

    In my case the starter solenoid is build right onto the starter. What is separated is the starter Relay. Isn't that the same for you, that is, the high current switch (solenoid) is built right onto the starter and the "starter relay" is remote and actually engages the starter solenoid and not the starter directly.
    If the above is TRUE, and your diagram is a picture of the terminal end of your starter solenoid then the following is True.

    Wire #3 is correct and must go to the starter RELAY.
    Wire #1 (heavy gauge CABLE) is correct. It is a Short Cable that goes to the starter.
    Wire #4 is correct and supplies power to the entire bike.
    Wire #2 is incorrect. That should be a heavy gauge cable that must go to the battery positive.

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    forget wiring the starter go with a remote its alot cleaner and no problems,jel
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    Mine is one f the pre-89 setupd where the solenoid is not attached to the starter it is actually positioned at the top of the inner primary cover. Dont know if it makes a difference. As far as #2 is concerned that would make sense for it to be sent to battery + , I wonder if the Clymer made a misprint and it should have read FROM battery and not FROM starter motor