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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tourglide, Mar 11, 2009.

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    I have a 1995 Ultra Classic Tourglide mileage abt 45,000 it only had abt 15,000 when I purchased it 2 yrs ago. My problem is when the machine is facing uphill the starter just clicks face it on the level it starts no problem. we have searched for some kind of anti theft device but nothing. I have a solenoid overhaul kit , is it a complicated procedure? I am not totally incompetent but I dont want to screw something up! Help please.
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    Before rebuilding the solenoid, I would try to find out where you are loosing the circuit first.
    The clicking could be from a number of things like battery cable connections on either end or grounding cables from the motor to the frame for the return of the negative side of the circuit.

    Have you tried to jump the solenoid when this condition occurs from the big terminal on the starter to the small solenoid wire yet? Did you check the wiring on the starter relay and see if there's any corrosion there or if it is loose?

    Many topics on starters as well as solenoids in this area.

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    I have a 95 Electra Glide...It seems like every other year my switch will act up (have to get it the right spot to engage).I've talked with different people who claim that soap residue from washing over time will gum the switch up.I pull it apart and clean the switch and houseing out contact cleaner and I'm good to go.Has nothing to do with the uphill part but all your out is your time and some contact cleaner.
    Good luck.
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    I'll second this. My '91 Dyna gave me fits trying to find out why she wouldn't start from time-to-time. I did ALL the hard things first. Fiddled with the starter, fiddled with the solenoid, messed with the battery (replaced two!), replaced the key switch and finally one day an epiphany!! The START button. I took that off and disassembled it. FULL of green corrosion product on the metal! Cleaned everything carefully and sprayed with contact cleaner. Then I sprayed liberally with spray lube. Reassembled and voilĂ ! No more problems. I am gonna replace the handlebar control switch gangs and wire harnesses when I redo, though.