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  1. 96baggerv2

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    i have a 96 Electra glide classic efi. Put in a new battery a few weeks ago. Went to hop on it today, turned on the ignition, hit the start button and nothing. The kill switch is in the right spot. Heard the fuel pump kick on and heard the relay click just like normal but when I hit the starter button nothing happens. Can someone help me out?
  2. Mongo1958

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    What is the voltage of the battery? Should be at least 12VDC. Check the battery connectors and make sure they are tight. You may want to check the starter and make sure the connectors are tight. Put a charger on it, let it completely charge up and try again.
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  3. Breeze3at

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    Could be the starter relay is bad. Try jumping the big post/ small post on the starter solenoid. Also,, the new battery could have a loose terminal.
  4. HDDon

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    This could also be the starter switch itself. Check for corrosion in the switch. The battery should check at 12.7v and make sure all your connections from the battery to the starter and ground are clean and tight.
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    After sitting with the ignition on while I checked out everything, the volt meter reads 12.6 v. I had to leave to come to work so I'll check out all the recommendations in the morning. Has me baffled. I just had it out the other day and it ran like a top.
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    Always start where you last ended a repair. If bike was OK before battery replacement why did the battery need changed? Was battery properly charged and conditioned before install. Is battery correct fitment for bike ETC ETC. Are lights dimming a bit when starter button engaged? I would bet that it is something simple that may have been overlooked.;)
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    Hope some of the hints help you.

    I'm going to add a solinoid end starter button to both my bikes.
    Can be started with just a push of the button.
    Extra insurance. I have two of them "somewhere" that I bought years ago.
    All I have to do is find my extra parts.
  8. dbmg

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    Go out and buy some new ones. Then you know you will find the ones you safely put away somewhere.:confused:
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    Locate the starter relay in the side cover , remove it and jumper the socket Does it start?
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    Ha ha!! Ain't that the way it always works!


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