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  1. noeld

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    I have terrible gas & oil stains on my 89 fxr engine ( silver )
    I have tried gum out & engine degreaser but they don't even touch the stains
    I would like to paint the engine & trans black but need to clean it first so the paint will stick
    anyone know what I can put on it that well take all the nasty off & well it mess up my chrome ???
    thx noel
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Bar Keepers Friend | Cleaning Products | Household Cleaning Supplies I know this is an old post, you may try this with a soft tooth brush and flush with hot water, the problem being the aluminum is very porous and stubborn to give up stains
  3. tree frog

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    Don't know if this will apply to a bike but when I drove a truck we'd use a light acid to clean off all the stains from fueling . You could try that.