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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by johnnylowery, May 13, 2009.

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    I did not see on the self help area about a product named "Thundermax autotune" Has anyone used this and is any better than Dobeck?
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    The Thundermax looks to be an excellent product based on the amount of support info found in their documentation. But I have not personally used it on my bikes for a couple of reasons; 1. little bike is a '91 with carb and no ECU!, 2. '03 UC does not have O2 sensor bungs on the headers.

    Your '07 should have the oxygen sensor bungs on the exhaust headers. Take a look at the stuff Glider posted for you and see if it is too intimidating for you. If so, then the TFI may be more appropriate since it is truly plug, set and play.

    The TFI is very simple with no requirement for computer interface and selecting any maps. It is a straight forward fueler intended to add fuel under steady throttle, acceleration, and peak acceleration modes. Additionally, there is NO feedback loop to the controller (except for the human one!). Again, it is intended to add fuel and over-come an overly lean condition.

    So the two options are really not comparable. Depends on what the rider is trying to accomplish and the level of sophistication desired.