Stage 11, Slash Cut Mufflers and TFI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dcollie3, May 19, 2009.

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    Folks I have a 98 RK with a Stage 11 and Slash Cut touring Mufflers. I just purchases a TFI so I have a three part question and looking for opinions.

    1) I have read most post on the TFI tuning but I don't have a tack and I don't really understand what roll-on and some of the other lingo are. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
    2) Although I don't mind the deep sound of the mufflers I'm not really a look at me kinda guy so I thought I'd put the originals back on. If I do will I have to bring it in to re-turn of will the TFI provide tuning as long as I do it after the change out?
    3) If I do leave the Slash Cut's on there is alot of poping and back-firing. I mentioned it at the HD shop where I had a tune-up dine but it's still the same. Again will the TFI control it?

    Thanks very much.
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    you will get answers likely in the morning but I can say that TFI is very easy to retune if you change mufflers. A note, I installed stg1 ac and left mufflers stock, with TFI I am happy with the extra torque/power with this set-up. Stock mufflers sound better also with the extra air and age.
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    Hope that answers your questions.
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    I thank you all for the sound advise.........this really is a great forum.
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    Not a TFI guy but any fuel management system should minimize decel popping. I wouldn't be happy with a carbed bike that barks on decel much less an EFI bike; shouldn't do it. You didn't say the popping was on decel, I assumed. Check the exhaust system for leaks at the exhaust port flange/gasket and the joint between the muffler and the header pipe. Exhaust leaks will cause decel popping. A bit of RTV hi-temp silicone at the muffler to header pipe joint will seal that joint and the Cometic or new H-D SS exhaust gaskets do a good job of sealing there and don't protrude into the exhaust port.
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    Thanks very much. that is correct it is while decel and often during down shift. I'll check for leaks. I'm going to get Chris to help me today with the TFI modual.

    I have to admit I'm a little embarassed getiing help because I'm a DYI guy for most things, renos, auto work etc so I'm not sure why I can't clue into this TFI install. but I'd rather do it right the first time.

    thanks gain.