Stage 1 on the Heritage

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by laterider, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I just bought a new Heritage with a Stage 1 upgrade. Is the Stage 1 worth the money (increased torque) and does it make the bike too loud?
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    Think about what you paid for it while negotiating price of purchase. Then figure out what the cost would have been after the fact. There in may lie your answer.

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    Welcome Laterider to the HDTimeline forum and your 1st post. Most new owners opt for Stage I which is Air Cleaner, Fueler and Exhaust System (Slipons usually), which amount to about just about $1k if you do it yourself and almost double that if you have dealer install it. The real question is, will you enjoy the ride more with a wider grin on your face...a big YES is very common. But the deal is really up to you...:small3d036:

    Personally, if I have to ask the question, I would ride the bike AS IS and think about all the reasons why you bought the bike...and weigh the things that would be improved...1) Cooler running, while 20 deg F may not seem like much, heat in the cockpit will be a bit less; 2) More power, a bit more "seat of the pants" umphf...3) Comfort, maybe that air cleaner hits you in the knee, getting that heavy breather gives you more room. 4) Looks, the additional chrome or black trim adds *Bling*, 5) Sound, that "patented" MOCO ambient feel and character that you look forward to every time you turn the key. :D