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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by gobblerljw, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. gobblerljw

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    so I have a heritage with an evo and wonder what a stage 1 will do for me any of yo that have done it tell me what you think and what does the most good
  2. karlsbike

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    Hi Gobbler
    If yours is completely stock, Stage I will do a lot:
    Stage I:
    Add free-flow airfilter/box, slip-on mufflers (S-E, Cycle Shack, or whatever, but no drags), S-E performance ignition and possibly coil, and re-jet the carb (44/45 slow, sportster needle and 180/185 main jet) and you have about 10 more horses.
    Stage II:
    Add an Andrews EV46 or similar cam, and you have another 10 horses.
    - You will want to change your cam bearing (or at least check if it's an INA bearing) to a Torrington while you're in there...

    10 more horses from your stock 55-60 is very noticeable, and 10 more is even better. You get improved rideability and it just feels right. Still no beast, but you get a nice, strong pull through the gears.
    I suggest you go ahead and do the Stage I above, test it, and then go out and buy your new cam, bearing and gasket;)