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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ChiroRick, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I'm going with a new exhaust (V&H Big Radius 2-into-1) and intake (Screaming eagle) for my 08 dyna, but was wondering what would be best as far as tuning the bike for the new setup. I can go with the Fuelpak by V&H, or I can just take it to the dealer. The dealer says it will be $200, and the if I did it myself with the Fuelpak, it would cost me $220. My concern, is getting the bike to the dealer after I have the exhaust and intake installed. I've never owned a Fuel-Injected bike, and I don't know if it is feasible to make the 10 mile ride to the dealer to get the stage 1 download after doing the exhaust and intake myself (when I say myself, I mean having a buddy who is a mechanic help me). Will I make it, or will the bike run bad and cause damage?

    I'm new to Harleys and Fuel injected bikes, by no means am I new to motorcycles. I just don't want to screw anything up. Thanks!
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    I talked to the guy at V&H, and he told me that the stock ECM may not have enough to handle what's needed for the V&H Big Radius and Screaming Eagle intake. He said that HD will tell me it's fine, but if it's not, then they'll try to sell me a tuner. He said I'd be better off buying my own tuner, whether it be the fuelpak, power commander, whatever. This was a guy from their tech dept. Of course, he wants the company to sell a product, but he makes a good point. HD would have no prob doing the tuning/download, then try to sell me a tuner.
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    Dobeck is a sponsor here on the site, and is VERY good about answering member questions on the site in support of their products. I would suggest that you look at what they have to offer considering their discount for members.

    The advantage to getting a fueler (as opposed to a tuner) instead of the HD download is that the settings are variable by the rider to get the performance out of the fuel system that you want. It also allows for future mods that may require additional tweaking of the fuel delivery.

    Fuelers are very simple and easy to install and adjust. Tuners are more complex and either require map downloads, dyno tuning, or computer adjustment of the module. In my opinion, MOST street riders probably don't get their money out of the tuner investment.

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    After talking to my dealership about this same topic, I was told the Stage 1 download works 'OK' with the Stage 1 "kit", i.e. SE Slip-ons and SE air box. Operative word here is 'OK'. With the V&H pipes probably not gonna give you what you are looking for. The fuelers seem very popular and a lot more economic, especially if you do the work yourself. The other option, if you are determined to go the HD route, would be to put it on a dyno.
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    I already ordered the Fuelpak. Dobeck's products seem pretty nice...I can't argue with you there. But, I watched the video for the Fuelpak installation, and it seems really straightforward. It'll do.

    Honestly, it seems like just getting a new exhaust really snowballed on me. I wanted a new exhaust that looked sharp, sounded good, and gave me a little extra power. That turned into adding an intake, and with that setup, I absolutely had to get the fuelpak, because HD says that setup requires their tuner as well as the download, in the ball park of $700ish plus tax, which is bull. I think I'll be happy with the fuelpak. It's got alot of great reviews.
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    I used the Power Commander V on my stage 1, real easy to upgrade the maps with a laptop.
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    +1 on the power commander V. Put it on my 09 roadking with slip-ons and never looked backed. Im getting ready to add V&H true dual headers and all I have to do is upload the map through my laptop. So easy that even I can do it. Never had a fuel pak but good luck with it.
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    I had the HD dealer download, dbmg is right on that.

    The guy you talked to is correct and apparently honest.

    Well I know folks that like the fuelpak. You should be ok. But believe me it don't get any easier and simplier than installing the Doebeck TFI. I did it so anybody can.

    You don't sound like the weekend race type so you probably do not need a more advanced tuner like a TTS, PC etc with more bells and whistles. The Fuelpak should be do you fine. If it doesn't send it back and buy a Doebeck, I love mine.