Stage 1 and TFI dyno results

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    So last saturday a coworker invited me to a sportbike show at a local speedshop. Never been to one so I said sure. After checking out the car show I made my way over to the dyno station. Turns out I know the guy running it and he asks if he can run mine on the dyno just to see the reaction from the 200+ sport bike crowd. I told him I have a pretty stock bike but sure- why not.
    After getting it up to temp, 3 pulls later and it put down 67.85hp and 72.27ftlbs. He said there should be more in it- I told him leave it be as I'm pulling 46ish MPG and I like it that way.
    Mods to 2005 FXSTBI (Nightrain):
    SEII's 2:2 with balance tube (older ones)
    SE backing plate w/ K&N filter
    Stage 1 download (was installed when I bought the bike)
    TFI that I added
    Pots were at #1 2:45, #2 3:00 #3 3:15 #4 4:00
    He said my cruise AFR was lean for power (I saw right at 14:1, maybe a little over)and top end was just a little fat at 12.25ish:1) I had added a little to the #3 pot as I had experienced a "lean surge" the last time I wound it up and let off a little. Seemed to run pretty good other wise. I see around 220 oil temps in heavy traffic with 210 being average. I like the way it runs but am wondering how much more can be pulled out of this from just tuning the TFI? He said if I want to bring it back- he'll do a tune for free. I can't imagine there's more than a handful of HP to be found and understand different conditions will yield different results. All in all I'm pretty happy with the basic mods done so far and wanted to share what *I* experienced with these bolt on mods. Maybe a Thunderheader comes next.......