Stage 1 and resale value

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by unwwwired, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. unwwwired

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    I've heard that whatever you do to accessorize your bike with is pretty much lost value when you go to sell it. Is the same true of a stage one?
  2. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    You never get out what you put in, but adding value to the bike can make it easier to sell.
  3. R. Lewis

    R. Lewis Senior Member Retired Moderators

    pretty much - UNLESS someone comes along who likes what you did and pays what your asking for it.
  4. Iceman24

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    RichardS has a good ratio/rule & I know it's true b/c I pretty much got this type of deal when trading my "accessorised" 05 XL1200C sportster w/stage-1 for the 09 SG. Pretty much gave away all the $$$ I put into the bike, but now I'm keeping all stock parts & will have the option to swap everything back if/when I sell the SG.

    IRT adding stage-1 to your ride - I say the words of Mr. Nike - "just do it" as you only live once & it's a perfect performance UG from stock. Definitely added some HP to my Sporty & I plan to have it done to the SG during 1st maint. cycle.
  5. shaker

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    I agree with Chopper on this. You'll probably attract more buyers, but not necessarily more money.
  6. Grillfish

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    I agree with Richard. Save all the stock parts, when your gonna sell, take your Stage 1 off and sell them (if you have a TFI it's easy). You might get back more than .10 cents on the dollar.
  7. ironmark

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    According to Kelly Blue Book you are suppose to get 40% of the cost of parts added to the trade in value of a stock bike , but trying to get that from a dealer is like pulling teeth . The dealer does not want to give you anything for the extras you put on but they sure bump up the price when they are selling your old scoot . How many time you heard the sales man say "look at all the goodies this bike has & that is why the bike cost more" . If you thinking about trading in your bike now would be the best time to insist on the 40% while HD new bike sales are down !
  8. B-1B_Guy

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    I think Richard hit the nail on the head. I've sold lots of dirtbikes, race quads and motorcycles (all of which had lots of hop-ups) and you never get even close to what you put in them. In fact, lots of buyers prefer stock bikes...especially bikes w/ no engine mods (we build the motors to ride them harder, right?). Never stopped me from building my motors, never's just what I do.