Staff Sergeant Jason Rogers KIA Brandon Ms.

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  1. Redfish-Joe

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    It is reported that Westbro Baptist Church will be there protesting this Marines funeral. Those of you in or around the Jackson area please come stand with me and other PGR members in honor of this hero.:USA

    Meeting at the Brandon City Hall across from Ott and Lee Funeral home on Hiway 80 in Brandon @ 12:00 Saturday the 16. Thank you!
  2. glazier

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    Hey Joe:

    While I can't make the trip to MS tomorrow, just want you to know that myself and many others will be there with you in spirit and we fully support what y'all are doing. These Westboro (don't want to get poofed again so I won't say it) need to be stopped. Hard to believe our Supreme Court upheld their right to protest military funerals. Freedom of speech is still not 100% guaranteed by the Constitution. These heroes died for our country defending these people's right to protest, and now they're protesting the same people. Hope they all burn in (EDIT) and if they don't like this country or what it stands for, I'll be glad to take up a collection to get them a one way ticket out of here and will even be the first to donate.


    Please read this...
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  3. Jack Klarich

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    Stand tall and proud JOE, too many people have lost sight of what has made this country great, our military, and if they dont like it they are welcome to leave NOW:s
  4. RibEye

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    With respect to these fine gentlemen (!?!?!)...Just because the mouse likes to hang out in the cookie jar, that does not make him a cookie.

    A person can call himself whatever he wants. But his actions reveal what he really is.

    Joe, I would stand with you if I was anywhere near you. I am a pastor myself.

    Rich P
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  5. dbmg

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    My thought about the protesters. Like most clubs it gives you a feel good attitude. Does not matter if it is for good or bad. Just that I belong thinking. Thanks to the PGR and what they stand for and how they protect the families at these very difficult time. Your are supposed to celebrate ones life not denounce it. Its very unfortunate that common sense and respect can be violated just because someone has the ability to claim that what they are doing is a civil right and they are not breaking the law.. Maybe we should protest one of their families funeral because we disagree with what they did with their life.
  6. gator508

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    Thanks for supporting this fallen hero, be carefull on your ride, there must be a lot of debris on the roads from last night's storms. With you in spirit.
  7. sharpscuba

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    Thank you for your support Joe. My prayers go out to the family and I salute this fallen hero and pray that he will never be forgotten. As for the terrorist group that have the nerve to protest the very heart of the right of freedom I say well.......!
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    They really didn't have the nerve but they were there. The good people on Brandon Ms. took control of the problem before it became a problem. Not to mention there were between 400 to 500 riders today!
  9. R_W_B

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    So thankful for people like you Joe especially in the area where it is needed the most.

    Point taken, I'm sure many of the clergy and members of other Baptist churches are so embarrassed by this disrespect of the denominational name and the fallen ones.

    +1 on that my friend.

    As Smitty said, people do have rights to protest in this free country. But they must by law stay a set distance from the funeral. But by the same token, Smitty, Joe and all the PGR also have the right to defend the funeral and preserve the honor of the fallen one and his family.

    With tears in our eyes we can feel the love these fallen soldiers have created in our hearts. It is this love that causes us to stand for these fallen ones and the sanctity of their families' last respects.

    I have known a few brave soldiers in my life. They are a tough and disciplined bunch of various type personalities. They would not need anything from anyone nor would they expect it. It was a job to them and many times one they were glad when it was over. But I know that even as tough and hard nosed as they were, they would still be so comforted in they hearts to know that their families are preserved the respect and honor of paying their last respects in a peaceful and protected scenario.
  10. 85harleysyr

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    I wish we lived closer Joe, there are a few of us here that would be honored to ride a long with you on this!!! (Alex bay N.Y) on the border of Canada...