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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Dferr, Jul 8, 2011.

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    In one of my older posts, I was complaining about the harsh front end suspension on my 2006 Street Glide bottoming out. Someone asked, if the front end was lowered. I compared my bike to a friend’s bike; he has a 2008 Street Glide. His front end clearly has about two inches more travel than my bike has. So, I'm pretty sure it was lowered.

    Does anyone have the stock internal front end parts left over that would work in my bike so I can put it back to stock for now. If so, please let me know what you would want for them.

    Thanks, Don
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    Don this was probably done by putting in shorter springs. For less that $100 you can purchase Progressive springs that are stock length.
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    You may get a better response posting your needs in the "wanted" area.

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