Sprocket Shaft 2008 FLHT : Timken Conversion

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by wglide85, Nov 25, 2009.

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    Hello and I hope to address whether a Timken Conversion can be done on a 2008 FLHT.
    You see, I have been planning on a build since I purchased the bike in July of 08. I have been following this forum shortly after the purchase learning about the newer Harleys. I have ridden since 1975, owned Harleys continually since 1982, a Sportster and a 1985 FXWG.

    While some items may seem to some unnecessary or even unwise, here is my list:
    Pistons Wisco
    Cylinders 107” Revolution Performance
    Cam Andrews 54HG & Gear Kit
    Pushrods Crane Adjustable Chrome Moly
    Rocker Arm Roller Rockers Crane 

    Feuling (Combo Kits) #7074 - CamPlate, Oil Pump, Lifters
    Exhaust Thunderheader #1054B (2 into 1 Long Style)
    Air Cleaner K&N 63-1122
    Clutch HD Heavy Duty Spring
    Ignition Zippers ThunderMax
    Heads Dewey heads.

    The bike tear down started today. I also was going to remove the crankshaft, have it trued and welded along with the timken conversion. I was having a discussion about it and was told the newer models could not accommodate the conversion due to the sprocket shaft being a different diameter. And I would have to purchase the S&S version. This is the first I have heard of this.

    Can anybody verify this?
    Had the timken conversion on a 2007 or 2008 touring model?
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    can be done up to current, there is a special allignment tool for the cross drilling etc, you will be lost without it, there is also an upgraded roller bearing if you didnt want to go that far called the lefty bearing, through screaming eagle. who told you this they should look in the screaming eagle book...
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    I would like to thank you for your response.
    I had a feeling the shop just wanted to sell parts.

    I was searching Harley’s web site and see the new SCREAMIN' EAGLE® LEFTY BEARING. While I understand the Timken may be a better setup, would the lefty bearing handle a build such as mine?
  4. prodrag1320

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    i would recommend the timken upgrade on ANY twin cam motor if the cases are apart,esecially i performance work is done (also welding flywheels).on any TC motor we have apart,for big HP build or not,we install the bearings & tack c.pin
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    Do the timken and put the Lefty bearing on the right side. If you want to save money, drop the Fueling stuff and go with stock. That would pay for the bottom end.
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  7. wglide85

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    Did the Timken conversion and did put the lefty bearing on the right side. The Harley dealer thought I was nuts, smiled and said "Well, it's your money. (for the lefty bearing)" The engine is together, back in the frame, but has not been started yet. Due to life's complications, assembly is taking far longer then anticipated. But due to the cold and snow, oh well! Finally was able to get the inner primary bolted on today.

    After installing the trued, plugged and welded crankshaft, the run-out was .0014. I was hoping the under .001, but better then the .0031 prior to the adjustment.

    Yes, I kept the Fueling components, as they had already been purchased. I had been acquiring parts every few months since I purchased the bike. I have a very understanding wife, but I really did not tell her about every part.

    R. Bingham == I let the local Harley shop do the Timken conversion, did not really wish to ship everything. The crankshaft was easier to pack. Plus after speaking with the harley service tech which would to the work, I was very confident. Plus I figured I have to ask plenty of questions during the assembly.