sporty and the eagles help please

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by marty69dude, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Hi, I have a 1994 1200 sportster and a kind mate of mine has given me a pair of screamin eagle slip ons. Only problem is that A:- they are of a 2004 model so they have the two holes in them where the fitting bracket would sit and B:- they dont have a fitting bracket. Can any one suggest a way of making these little buggers fit. Or is there and adaptor I can buy. If I do get them to fit is it ok just to cap off and weld the fitting hole in each slip on. Thank you for your help, Martin.
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    94 has crossover on the pipe, believe 04 has it on the muffler. Not worth messing with them. Buy new ones made for your bike. Like vance and hines better anyhow.

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    67hat34c is correct, my '04 Sporty has a hidden black crossover manifold linking the two mufflers parallel to them. Older models have the chrome crossover bridging the two pipes just below the air cleaner. I suppose if everything else fit, you could weld the holes up as they are hidden, but most people just get the right slip-ons and go about the rest of the Stage I business of A/C upgrade and carb work...jetting/slide height/idle mixture screw access and adjustment. Should be good for at least 10-15% or approx. 10-12 HP typically across the power band, cooler running, well behaved engine.