Sportster manly?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by UsMc16, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. UsMc16

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    So i was just curious what everyone thought when they saw a sporty drive down the road... is it a man bike? or would u think to yourself what a gump, my wife has one of those.. I believe its the man that makes the bike but just curious what everyone else thinks.:s
  2. ahern25

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    Sportsters are great and fun to ride. Anyone who says they are wimp bikes has personal issues. It should not matter what you ride aslong as it fits your riding style and budget.
  3. R. Lewis

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    JMO ---- I dont give a "diddly" what others think!!!! As long as your on two wheels and havin fun doin it!! Another JMO --- The statement that a sporty is a "girls bike" is like saying that a trike is for OLD MEN WHO CANT RIDE ANYMORE !!!!!!!
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  4. RibEye

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    I rode a '73 XLCH for 20 years. Never had anything but compliments, deserved though they may have been. She was sweet, once I got her to where I wanted her. I would be glad to have her back, though she might kill me, having her brake and shifter on opposite sides to my current '03 RKC.

    Rich P
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  5. glider

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    I'm with Steve on this one. I have a friend that bought a sporty and we went for a ride shortly after he bought it. At the time I had a WG and asked if he wanted to switch for a few miles to feel the difference.

    I couldn't wait to get off the sporty and he traded it in on a FXDX two weeks later :laugh

    I felt the Sporty was very rough engine wise and ride wise and it felt very top heavy compared to the WG.

  6. dbmg

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    Sportster are great bikes.....If you are young and do not ride far. One time I had to ride a friends 2004 Sportster about 25 miles because my friend was completely used up in the first 100 miles of our ride and needed a break. So we switch bikes. That 25 miles was the longest 25 miles I had ever rode. Maybe the new Sportsters are more refined???? :D

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I remember a long while back when a guy riding a Fat Boy said something about My Girly sport bike,,, Turning toward him, I said "YOU WANA GO TITLE FOR TITLE, COM"N"..

    Shut him down right there.. Yes I also had my 40 on my hip.... Thinking he never saw that or he would of Not been so GIRLY about it..:newsmile011:

  8. nakkers

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    I'm not sure if the terminology of branding a bike a "girls bike" is appropriate in this day and age? I know a few female riders and their ride would be highly desired by just about anyone that rides and their riding ability is just as envied. At least when it comes to motor cycles.

    Not sure if I could apply the same logic to scooters.
  9. FerrousBueller

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    I met a great big corn fed boy riding a 883 Sporty at the gas station. He had ridden at least 6 hours before that, had at least 2 more to go for the day.

    Thought it might be best not to mention anything about his "Non-Manly" bike.

    He said he liked it for the mileage he got.

    My guess is that he was Big AND Smart.
  10. shaker

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    I'd like to own one just to kick around town, but I'm 6'5" and even the RK seems a little small.