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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Mueller, Apr 1, 2010.

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    My son and I both own sportsters his an '04 and mine an '09. Over winter I took the batteries out charged them over winter ant put them in two weeks ago. Boy are they a bear to reconnect. Well, my sons battery went south since the reinstallation, the terminal + broke.l It was a new battery and the dealer would not honor the warranty because he didn't have the sales slip. A new battery at the dealer runs 107$. The kid doesn't have all that much money so he's looking for a battery other than an H-D that would fit into the cavity. Any of you on the forum buy one someplace that fits and could you tell me the make and where you bought it. I have heard that some batteries on the market are a little larger and won't fit in the cavity.

    Thanks a Ton
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    The HD Battery is a good one, not the best but good. I run a Yuasa but they are expensive, around $120. Ihave had it 3 years and I am horrible on batteries. I leave my lights on by accident all the time, I have an Air ride system I'm always playing with, I rarely put it on the tender like I am supposed to,,,,,and so on. I think the Yuasa has a 4 year warranty as well. I agree with Hobbit though, unfortunately a poor battery will give him problems.
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    I know Drag Specialties has HD batteries, but don't have any experience w/their quality. Dennis Kirk sells them @ $90 (Drag Specialties 12 Volt Battery -, but by the time you pay shipping you're better off getting the HD one locally & you're beck on the road quicker. Not much of a cost break on batteries & you definitely don't want to rely on cheap when it comes to getting the ride started. Just saw a guy trying to push start his bike in a restaurant parking lot last night - he was sweating & working hard. Don't be that guy...:s

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    As the Iceman says, tried push starting the Sporty once...600 lb bike, not successful as the compression and bores are..."stout" for this 5' 6" 130 lb frame of mine...did it on my Sportbike, but it was 100 lbs lighter, and 4 cylinders...much easier!

    Just get newer HD AGM type batteries, high density power and Sportster battery box is very small and tight to fit much of anything else.
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    You really got to be careful. I too bought one fron a local auto parts chain O'riely
    They claimed it would work but didnt have the cranking ampsit needed. I almost replaced the starter untill Glider told me to load test it and WALAAA.NOGOOD.