speedo connector part no.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by karlsbike, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. karlsbike

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    Does anyone have the part number for the 12 pin speedo connector for ca. 99touring models (probably same for '97 up to 2004 or so)?
    Later models have a slimmer Deutch 12 pin, but I'm puttin ion a '99 speedo on my old scoot, and don't have that parts manual...
  2. 90FXRS

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    With the infomation provided all I can come up with is this:
    housing socket-74119-98BK
    secondary lock-74159-98
    terminal socket-74191-98 (8 needed)
    seal pin-74195-98 (4 needed)

    This is from a parts guide and it only shows individual components, not the entire connector.
  3. JBC2565

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    might help.
    This is for 2000 touring model:
    68841-98 is harness with speedo reset switch
    68820-98 is same harness with no reset
    2 part connector is 72453-00 & 72454-00
    pin reference is 72455-00
  4. karlsbike

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    Thanks guys - much appreicated.
    Looks like they changed the connector for 2000, and I will be needing the -98parts. Had to double-check the speedo I bought to be sure, and it is 67197-99 - a 5" certified KPH speedo for RK's & Softails.

    What is the deal with the Certified speedo's anyway - I'm sure they are the the same inside, but maybe they show less excess speed?
    Not sure how it works over there, but here I believe new speedo's are required to be within 0/+10% or so. In my car, it's 7-8% (comparing it with an accurate GPS)
  5. Mad Dog Jim

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    If it says "Cerified" I would guess it's off a Police Edition. Its no longer certified once you modify anything though. All it means is that they verified that it was acurate. That way the po-po can write tickets based on pacing