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    taking the advice (and a link) from many on here, I decided to try the sectro trans and primary fluids in my bike. After calling my listed local distributors and having no luck , I decided to order online. After placing my order I was expecting to recieve my order in 3 or 4 business days. after 2 weeks of waiting I sent spectroshop an e-mail to inquire about my shipment. I recieved an e-mail back with the tracking number and the results from the UPS web site. My shipment made it to Des Moines in 4 days and has been out for delivery since 6-2-09 (over 2 weeks)
    After talking to my UPS driver and asking him about it he provided me with a 800 number to call and in doing so was told that the shipper had to request a trace on the shipment. I sent an e-mail back to spectroshop and they siad they would do that and that the results could take up to 8 days. Frustrated as heck I just decided that my 10k service would be over by a few hundred miles and I would just wait for it to show up, be replaced after the trace. or my money refunded by UPS.
    To make a long, boring,frustrating story short, Spectroshop sent me an e-mail today and said they would just re-ship the order. I was stunned that someone would do this since the delivery issue was in no way their fault.
    I figured I would pass this story on and give credit where its due. If you need to buy your spectro products on-line give them a shot.
    SpectroShop - www.SpectroShop.Com
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    Check here. Depending on shipping cost, could save $4.00 a qt.:)Oils - MX Gear, Motocross Gear, Spectro, Oils at Bob's Cycle