Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic 20w 50

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oiler, Sep 19, 2010.

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    After reading many oil threads on this site I decided to take pretty well everyone's advice and use Mobil 1 20w50 Full Synthetic in the crankcase. Was using H.D. 20w50 dino oil and made the switch in June of this year. What I found with Mobil 1 is a cooler running engine of course - just like everyone claimed. Also the oil seemed to warm up faster but once it reached 200-220 deg, it seemed to maintain that temperature while the H.D. dino oil would always exceed 230 deg and sometimes reaching 250 deg. This is all old news to everyone of course. Very happy with the engine temperatures all summer long(in my case - no need for an oil cooler) but I also noticed though that with Mobil 1 there is more valve train noise. It’s not the cam chain, not the cam chain adjuster, not the lifters because I noticed this right after I made the switch. I also read the same observation with using Mobil 1 on another site. Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic 20w50 was used and the valve train noise was gone. Would like to give this oil a try and I am sure it is just as good as Mobil 1 but it’s almost $15 a pop!! I use their Platinum 6 Speed in the transmission and it serves well and I’m thinking maybe their engine oil is what they say it is. Spectro’s 20w50 Full Synthetic is hardly mentioned on this site so any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Never tried the 20/50 but I agree, $15 a pop is a bunch of money. For that price it should be able to stop a "96" crank from scissoring!:p

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    The key here is 100% Synthetic variance between different brands probably a lot less than difference between 100% Syn and Semi Syn or Dino, so real deal is convenience, price and personal preference regarding selection, so really no downside here...!
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    Thanks guys for your input. The Harley dealer near me in Canada does not carry it nor does the Harley dealer near me in the U.S.(I live in a border town) But I can get it for $13 US a quart in NY - Spectro Dealer or $16 Can in Canada - Spectro Dealer. For a few dollars more I might as well try it. Can always switch back to Mobil 1.
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    A big reason M1 seems "louder" is because it is on the lower side of the 'thickness spectrum'. It can do this and still protect because Synthetics, are more robust than most all Dino oils. THis is another reason people notice lower temps with Syns. Less viscous drag, and the thinner a fluid, the easier it is to transfer heat.. and in what appears in your case, noise as well.
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    For that price - I'd stick w/M1. Run Spectro in my primary & tranny, but their motor oil's almost twice the price as M1 & it's probably good oil, but as often as I change the scoot fluids - $15/qt would double the price of my service supplies. Your choice/$$$ - M1 does a gr8 job...
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    The guys at Spectro told me their oil was better than Mobil1 but he also said Mobil1 was an excellent oil. Said I wouldn't notice as big difference like I did with their 6-speed oil when I switched to it compared to other tranny oils. Kinda like it when one company doesn't bash the other guys products.
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    Like I said I am going to give Spectro a try. I don’t mind paying a few dollars just to try it. If it keeps the valve train noise down I will keep using it. If I don’t find any difference, then I will switch back to Mobil 1 on my next scheduled oil change. Going to switch to Spectro when I lay up the bike for the winter so I will have to wait till spring to see.
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    I've been running Spectro Semi-Synthetic 20W50 in my 2002 Sporty and 2007 Ultra for a number of years.
    I like it so much that I also run Spectro products in the tranny and primary.

    Oil temps are down from dino oil.
    Engine, tranny both are quiet.
  10. dedecaster

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    I switch from M-1 v-twin to Spectro Golden synth. blend.

    All the noise was gone.It blow me away.

    On the bottle, they said: ( group IV base oil )

    Good to 400* F.

    100 % happy.