Spectro GL5 Issues?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by diver4life, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. diver4life

    diver4life Active Member

    Called today a Spectro dealer in south Fl asking for the 6 speed transmission oil and they told me that the oil is not good for the tranny because can make it leak and also they mentioned something about damaging parts or belt or something .Not sure about the last part of the conversation about damaging which parts. Anyway they told me that they only recommend GL1 and that they never will sell the GL5 type. Does anybody had any problem so far with the Spectro 6 speed? Thanks in advance.
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    It sounds to me like they were overstocked on the GL1 :s

    No problems with the GL5 at all.
  3. doc_63

    doc_63 Active Member

    Hmmm. just trying to figure out why a Spectro dealer would tell you not to put 6 speed transmission oil into a 6 speed transmission.

    Oil dealers must have the same IQ as some bike dealers.

    I smell a rat...
  4. robermv32

    robermv32 Active Member

    Wow, That's a surprise. I followed the recommendations from this forum and switched out the fluids at the 1000mile change on my 2008 FXSTC. I used the Spectro 6 speed and changed it every 3000 miles. Traded in that machine with 25,000 miles this spring and NEVER had any issues with that oil.
  5. billyd1

    billyd1 Active Member

    I've had it in my RKC for 13 of 14,000 miles. I noticed a change in sound and smoothness of shifting right away. That salesman has other motives than your best interest or talks out of school. I would not take his advice anymore personally.
  6. cyborg

    cyborg Active Member

    I think Glider hit the nail on the head, "overstocked on the GL1" and want to unload it. I`v been using it with no problem or leaks.
  7. shaker

    shaker Active Member

    I've used GL5 on mine for three years now without a problem. I also gave some to a friend, and I now order extra to cover his bike. It's surprising, because this guy is cheap, but he insists that it's made that much of a difference. I can't tell any more because that's all I use - the bike runs good though.
  8. JJDH

    JJDH Active Member

    All spectro here in a 2010, even fork oil, no prollems.
  9. larryjmiller

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    If you can't get the Spectro, try the Amsoil Severe Gear. My dealer sells it $18.00 qt. I was using the pink stuff Red Line $16 qt at the local indy. When it gets really hot (hard rides on the twisties in late summer) it seems to break down with more gear noise and clunking than usual. When it's cold, the stuff is like glue. See Glider's comments on other topics related to Red Line trans oil. And the stuff really has a strong odor. I just swapped it out on the RK with Amsoil. I let it drain upside down for several days and still had quite a bit in the drain pan. Stuff is sticky for sure. My wife kept complaining "what's that horrible smell in the garage". Anyway, I'm not selling Amsoil but when I first bought the Limited, I had a tough time finding neutral (typical for a new bike as many have said). I made the switch at 1000 miles and the trans shifted like butter, very little sound and neutral was really easy to find. Has not gotten hot yet so I'll reserve judgement on that until the end of summer but I have been on some long rides in the twisties then in heavy traffic the same day and it doesn't seem to break down or get noisy at all. Plus, no strong odor and it pours into the tranny like 40 wt oil. It took about 15 minutes to get the pink stuff to flow down the funnel. I went to about 20 stores to find Spectro but no one carried it although a bunch of places said I could buy (special order) a case...trans takes one qt. I'll be dead by the time I change the tranny that many times!
  10. Bait

    Bait Active Member

    I buy it by the quart from www.SpectroShop.Com.