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    Just installed the HD # 77107-09 intercom system on the 08 classic, and when out and got the helmet head sets, took the bike in and had the ECM flashed with the proper software, and all in all spent over $800.00,and it does not work,:bigsmiley15: well all most everything works ok but no headset speaker icon on the radio. put the radio in diag mode, hold 2 soft keys and turn on. but instead of SK1 saying run diag i says Default. in center is says Deag test. press a button spkA spkB software is 8.2.2 etc.
    i can press, push any switch, on the HB left or right and the pax unit and get a ok, but when i push the speaker switch on the cap plate nothing, tho the red light will come on. VOX works, i hear myself in the helmet, the PTT works, but no icon on the radio and no music in the helmet. Bad speaker switch or wired up wrong?? HELP..