Speaker Conversion 5.25" to 6.50"

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by billnapabill, May 3, 2010.

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    We all know that the 5.25" speakers don't make any Bass, at least anything that's audible at 70+ mph.
    Last year I installed a Hawgwired 2/150 amp and a pair of JL Audio 5.25" speakers on my CVO Roadglide and once again was disappointed.
    I took a chance and bought the BikeTronics 6.50" conversion kit. I installed it this weekend and I gotta tell ya , along with the Hawgwired amp I can finally hear some bass, or if I ain't hearing it, I'm feeling it. Simple kit to install, no cutting or anything like that, just install the adapters, mount the speakers, do a little wireing, worse part in removing/installing your fairing.
    Don't know what it would sound like without the amp.
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    always rewarding to do your own work i think...
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    Wow! I bet that sounds good.
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    Good to hear you got something that works. I question I have, How do you put 6.5" speakers in a hole that was designed for 5.25"? Unless the stock speaker mounts are way larger than the speaker size, I can't visualize it.:newsmile040:
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    Have any want try.

    Kicker - PS5250 Replacement Coaxial Speakers

    Never before has a replacement speaker sounded this good. We don’t simply use car audio speakers with a new sticker and call them bike speakers, these are the real deal, and once you put them in you will be blown away. The guys over at Kicker have put a ton of time and effort into building the perfect drop in speaker for your 06 and newer Harley Touring bike. There is so much science and technology behind these that the competition is still stuck in the dark ages with the same old heavy and dull sounding speakers.